We Love The Laundress & The Laundress Loves Us!

We Love The Laundress & The Laundress Loves Us!


Lindsey Boyd of the Laundress has a clean approach to living, LITERALLY! The crisp, whites she helps to protect with her line “The Laundress” are through out her living space.

I am thrilled to be helping Lindsey as she prepares for her new baby girl. True to her taste, Lindsey steered white when it came to creating a rocking chair for the quiet nights and early morning days when she sooths baby Chloe by rocking her to sleep.



To stay in Lindsey’s style we chose an antique wing chair and repurposed it the way that only Tiger Lily’s could. We added a swivel to the base of the chair to make it rock, and reupholstered the existing frame in a white Belgium Linen.


The outcome was fantastic. We tied together the room by adding a decorative bolster in the fabric Lindsey has on her roman shade.


A Few Tips:

  • When looking for  a chair to repurpose into a swivel rocker, make sure the base has a low center of gravity. If you take a high legged chair, you will loose quite a bit of the height when you cut off the legs.
  • Choose a fabric that works in your space and plenty of it. To conceal the swivel rocker, the chair will need to be skirted.
  • Think ahead. Just as we repurposed the wing chair to be a swivel, someday the chair might find another home in your house. Using a neutral fabric can help in the transition.
  • Need to keep it clean? Talk to the Laundress!!!


For more from Lindsey, check out her blog:http://thelaundressbaby.blogspot.com/


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Terrific Team-Up!

George Smith Showroom

I loved helping Laurette Kittle showcase her new exclusive fabric collection for George Smith. Influenced by her international travels to India and beyond, Laurette translated her passions to textiles, debuting a full collection of colors and prints on Belgium linen for George Smith.

Laurette Design Hanging Samples

Once the collection was complete, Laurette came into the Tiger Lily’s work room to debut the collection.We immediately got to thinking about wonderful ways to show off the collection using the fabric as accent on pillows. Working from Laurette’s story about the collection and tapping into my own source of inspiration, I sought to create a series of pillows that spoke to the collection.

Button Tufted Pillows

Lumbar Pillows with Brush Fringe

Perfect Square with Decorative Greek Key Tape

A Punch in Paisley with Bold Welting

Fab Fringe Plays Up Forest Feel


Thanks to Laurette Kittle for sharing her creativity with us at Tiger Lily’s. Many thanks to her husband Kit Kittle for venturing into the showroom to capture the creative colloboration. For more information you can reach us at info@tigerlilysgreenwich.com visit our website tigerlilysgreenwich.com.  You can see Laurette’s designs in the George Smith Showroom at 232 East 59th Street.




“Sketchy Style”


I was thrilled when Carl Griffasi dropped in to share the debut of his collection of illustrations. Heralded for his contributions to the Fashion & Beauty industries, Carl has taken pen to paper in a series of art where simple lines create strong femine impressions.

Griffasi’s signature illustration style is a favorite of the folks at Mitchells/Richards on Greenwich Avenye where the artwork recently contributed to a themed Hermes’ window with rendering of the icon Hermes’ Horse.  Changing gears, Griffasi returns to a familiar subject showing the female form in its most basic form.

If the shoe fits, where it! To see more of Carl’s work, visit the website, http://www.carlgriffasi.com. You can also commission the work through Tiger Lily’s Greenwich by calling 203.629.6510 or emailing us at info@tigerlilysgreenwich.com.