My car seems to be on the radar for Greenwich Police. Twice in two days, I have returned to my car to find a issued fine. The biggest surprise was a ticket on Sunday in the parking lot across from L’Escale. The ticket at $55.00 not only threw me for a loop but killed my theory that no one gets tickets on Sunday.

Websites such as appealnow.com argue that local authorities have moved away from: using parking tickets as a traffic flow measure and towards a revenue generation model, their staff have been under increasing pressure to ‘perform’.

While I don’t attest that is the case in my infraction, I was upset to learn that indeed I was ticketed in an almost vacant lot on Sunday.

As luck would have it, or lack there of… On Monday I parked quickly on Greenwich Avenue to enter the Post Office to mail my infraction. Currently construction in the area prevents parking close to the post office and monitoring traffic flow. I was forced to park further away then anticipated and didn’t have any quarters to spare.

Once again, a ticket greeted me on the way out the door! The adage, “time is money” never rang so true. Ten minutes and a $25.00 fine. That’s more then minimum wage!

Be that as it may, I am now digging deep into my pocket to pay my tickets and issuing my own warning in town. What use to appear to be a laid back policy on parking now seems to be anything but!




Samantha Knapp

Back to blogging… Inspired in the cheesiest of ways by the movie Jules & Jullia. The concept of the movie was right on in my opinion. Start a task, finish to completion and along the way interest and influence those around you to dare to dream or experiment.

Having said that, I returned to this journal of sorts and avenue to share my own goals and ambitions! As a former news reporter, it has taken a while to find my best path forward. I always imagined myself entertaining viewers and letting them in on the best kept secrets to a wonderful life filled with creativity, friends, books, songs, etc.

Loosing my job made me reflect on just how I would meet that end. I have done some projects to continue on the path and with my family’s help am proud to debut a trailer based on my family business.

I am currently working with my family in an all inclusive design studio. Turns out there is nothing we can’t do, including entertaining our clients while we are creating wonderful spaces.