Tiger Lily’s is custom. That is our identity. We build ground up, all wood. There are short cuts to getting what you want in life and they start with big box retailers. Big Box we are not. Big Box uses pressed cardboard, filament. Tiger Lily’s uses wood. I know I know, it sounds repetitive but it goes back to what we believe in and what we stand for.


Tiger Lily’s is quality. We know the name of everyone who works in our workroom, We know their family. We know their life story, where they came from and what they dream for their children. That is a wonderful thing.

The frame of this settee was built for a friend of mine. Lindsey Boyd Weiber of the Laundress. Lindsey is incredible talented and creative person. She is the mother of one and soon to be two. This banquet is for her dining table.


The banquet is going to accompany a Saarinen dining table.  Which has the same round edges.  The banquet seat follows the lines and contour of the oval table.Unknown-1

The first step in taking frame to finish is adding platforms and webbing. The frame is secured with alternate webbing then covered in medium foam.
IMG_6374 copy
We exaggerated the  back height of the frame to give it weight against the table. It has a tight seat and tight back.


To get a tight clean finish, the seat is upholstered first in muslin and pulled and tightened through the frame.

_wY-JnT1xUP3r8D-BgN2CScdJ8ubU9vABanBmbz2d8w To achieve a square stitch effect on the seat, we have to first sketch out the pattern on the foam. Each square has been perfectly measured to be consistent across the span on the back.

The vinyl is stitched to create a square shape, before it is upholstered. When it is done right the lines should exactly match what we sketched on the platform.

Fully upholstered the finished piece is a great and durable seating arrangement for a oval shaped table. The patten leather is easy to clean and the decorative stitch adds a small element of surprise and detail that takes this piece from catalog to custom.A8eL6qMCTpyFwr8XH2N_PuzmF3ZGmLHLLgTubYqXq6QI like to end blogs in a quote. I like this from Gerald Ford, “Tell the truth, work hard, and come to dinner on time.”



  1. This is atrocious — not the banquet, that looks nice & is high quality, but how could you use a banquet w/ the Saarinen table. & the flower chairs!!??!! Saarinen is rolling in his grave, this completely ruins the beautiful clean minimal aesthetic of the table, & hides the base…the table is meant to float in a space.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I always like to recognize
      the time and energy it takes to post a comment. I don’t want to take away from that effort even if it is negative in tone and fails to celebrate creative individuality.


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