Antiquarius 2009 Greenwich Historical Society

Antiquarius 2009 Greenwich Historical Society


New Club To Educate Youth-Generation on History, Tradition and Greenwich Preservation

GREENWICH, CONN. – (October 1, 2009) – The Antiquarius antique show-fundraiser will kick-off at the Old Greenwich Civic Center at 6 p.m. for a night of shopping and cocktailing on December 3, 2009.  The annual event is produced by the Greenwich Historical Society, who announces today a new addition to their committee of eager enthusiasts, The Young Collectors(“YC”).

The Young Collectors of the Greenwich Historical Society

The Young Collectors of the Greenwich Historical Society

Just in time to support the organizations largest fundraising event of the year, YC will come aboard taking the antique-shop soiree to new heights by targeting an expanded group of 35 and under attendees. Get a taste of what’s to come, as YC hosts a special pre-event mixer on November 6, 2009 at Beacon Hill where guests can pre-register for Antiquarius tickets. YC members and ticket holders will also be privy to a first ever “after party,” held at Louie’s Restaurant & Bar on the River Road Extension following opening night.

YC will be under the leadership of local influencers Samantha Knapp of Tiger Lily’s and Jen Danzi of Moffly Media Group.  The YC committee will complement the nearly 40-year-old organization, promoting their key tactics of Greenwich preservation to new-generation of neighborhood residents (21 to 35 years of age).  The co-founders will utilize “of-the-now” social marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter to target first-time members as well as encourage group participation throughout the year via local networking mixers.

“I hope to create a program that allows my generation and the generations to follow an experience that is both rewarding and exciting,” says Knapp.  “I want our members to strive to capture Greenwich as they remember it so their children and their children’s children can experience our town’s true beauty.”

Since its inception, in 1931, the Historical Society has worked to preserve the history of Greenwich, Conn. The non-profit organization promotes awareness of the town’s legacy and tradition through educational programs, which includes organized tours of the Bush-Holley House museum as well as different exhibitions and lectures.


The Young Collectors Club is an sub-committee of the Greenwich Historical Society.  The club is founded by Samantha Knapp of Tiger Lily’s and Jen Danzi of Moffly Media Group.  The goal of the organization is to complement the Greenwich Historical Society’s key tactics of Greenwich preservation to a new-generation of neighborhood residents 21 to 35 years of age.

To learn more about the Young Collectors or to sign up for a membership please visit  HYPERLINK “” or call 203.869.6899, extension 18. Greenwich Historical Society is located at 39 Strickland Road in Cos Cob, Conn.


Antiquarius is the historical society’s most vital fundraising initiative of the year. Hosting a week long series of events, the Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich will initiative seek to generate revenue through guest lectures including a conversation with author and famed interior designer Bunny Williams, the Greenwich Antiques Show and the festive Holiday House Tour. The week long celebration kicks off with the Gala Opening Night Party followed by the YC after-party.


The Greenwich Historical Society is a privately funded non-profit organization accredited by the American Association of Museums.  To continue the wonderful work the Historical Society has built its foundation on fund raising and community awareness are important.

To learn more about the Greenwich Historical Society or to sign up for a membership please visit  HYPERLINK “” or call 203.869.6899, extension 18. Greenwich Historical Society is located at 39 Strickland Road in Cos Cob, Conn.




Destination Design District!!

Destination Design District

Destination Design DistrictI am thrilled to pass along the scoop on this year’s At Home Design District! Thursday night, join me in downtown Greenwich as I stomp around with a camera crew catching all the best and brightest in local design resources.

Plus I am also going to try to get my voice recorder working to gather sound-bites for Talking Tigerlily’s!

Hope to see you all there!



Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones:

Check out the below link.

As an entrepreneur, you can never have too many stakes in the fire. I am a strong believer in trying new things, pursuing leads and networking. In that stride, I recently came across HGTV’s Design Star. I threw up a quick bio and picture with the hopes that before the December 10 deadline I would piece together enough elements for consideration. The casting requires a video, portfolio pictures, etc.  All of which are doable when I get ten minutes to actually get gather and shoot the pieces. I do have a full time job 🙂

The feedback has been less then positive. I chose to post it as a reminder to everyone to keep doing what you are doing, look beyond the negative and to remember, names can never hurt you!

Poor Little Rich Girl….


Poor Little Rich Girl

I am a poor little rich girl. It is one of those labels that results from living in an affluent area, loving all the opportunities and purchases that comes along with having the best of the best at your fingertips with a salary that doesn’t match my tastes. Hence I sometimes red-line!

I once thought I was alone on an island in a sea of mismanaged bank statements with only a paper trail courtesy of Bank Of America leading to my whereabouts somewhere between balance zero and fat fines.  That is until The New York Times’ Ron Leiber and Andrew Martin docked a boat right on my island with their article, Overspending on Debit Cards Is a Boon for Banks.

Things I am: creative, artistic, driven, magnet to driving infractions, occasional consumer, recovering shopaholic.

Things I am not: an accountant, grammar buff, money manager, number cruncher.

My approach to banking until TODAY and I don’t recommend this route to anyone is to carry on my merry way with my debit card as long as it is approved.  It seemed pretty simple, if the money was there, the card would approve, if the money was not, it would decline.

And so it was, that the extra-value meal which I do guilty order on occasion ended up costing as much as five-star brunch as my card approved on a red-lined bank account. This happened more then once throwing my account deep into the negative. Imagine the distance to the center of the earth and then you begin to get an idea of where zero on the scale is and where my negative balance positioned my account.

Leiber & Martin report:

“Banks market it as overdraft protection, and the fees it generates have become an important source of income for the banking industry at a time of big losses in other operations. This year alone, banks are expected to bring in $27 billion by covering overdrafts on checking accounts, typically on debit card purchases or checks that exceed a customer’s balance.

In fact, banks now make more covering overdrafts than they do on penalty fees from credit cards.”

Moreover, the journalist describe the bankers defending themselves by saying “they are merely charging a fee for a convenience that protects consumers from embarrassment, like having a debit card rejected on a dinner date. Ultimately, they add, consumers have responsibility for their own finances.”

Thanks, I think I will take the embarrassment so that my account and my mail box don’t flood me stranded on debt island!

I may be have fancy tastes but certainly not when it comes to Happy Meals!


Citing: What’s Wrong or Right??

court appearnace

Behold a citation for talking on the phone while driving. Before you rush to judgement, please allow me to set the stage. A handful of parking tickets already in hand, I won’t argue the merits of my skills behind the wheel. The ticket relates to a Saturday afternoon in July. I had wrapped up what was turning out to be a very difficult installation of a Tiger Lily’s

Lounge for Beach Ball. Beach Ball is the most spectacular fundraiser for the protection and conversation of Greenwich Point. It is a worthy cause that I support by providing a complementary lounge. On leaving the beach I received an important event related logistics phone call as I drove slowly along summer jammed Sound Beach in Old Greenwich. For those who don’t know the operation at Tiger Lily’s intimately, let it be known, we have at our disposable a extended commercial van behind the wheel of which this petite blogger found herself on this offending cloud covered Saturday. I picked up the phone as I passed the fire department which tends to be a convenient post for local law enforcement awaiting infractions. The eyes of the law were on me, as I attempted to juggle the wheel and the phone. In truth, I was in the process of pulling over seconds after I picked up, recognizing at that moment the impossible task and danger of driving and talking on the phone The impending blue lights of the patrol vehicle confirmed I was too late. Despite my attempt to explain to the officer that I had a momentary lapse of the road rules, I was issued a monetary citation.

I have decided to appeal. I have not lost “cite” of the importance of safety behind the wheel and support Connecticut being among the 18 states and the District Of Columbia to enact laws strict enough to include a ban on hand-held cell phone use and texting while driving. There has never been a greater concern to call-it quits on the phone.

1. On August 19th the Washington Post offered data that estimates the tab for cell phone usage: 342,000 auto accident injuries and $43 billion each year in property damage, lost wages, medical bills and fatalities. statistics are staggering.

2. In July 2009 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released a study showing that the risk of drivers texting while driving is far greater than previous estimates research and far exceeds the hazards associated with other driving distractions.

My appeal is empirical. It is drawn from the wise words of Thomas Huxley. Huxley, famously once referred to “A beautiful theory, killed by a nasty, ugly, little fact.” Call America a cell phone nation. It is an instinct, to pick up a ringing phone from the most risky situations of driving cars or operating other machinery to the trivial situations of disrupting the peace in theaters or restaurants. In my case, my momentary oversight of a very important law was punished by law. However, I would like to think there are exceptions to every rule. I did try to immediately right a wrong, I hope a judge will understand the moment clearer then the officer writing the ticket. I ask for the checkered flag here and the chance to drive-on by. If not, the only law upheld here will be one of Murphy’s Laws. It’s been said no good deed goes unpunished!

(editors note: Court is set for the last week in November!!)


Touch of Grey: New Fall Collection!

I am thrilled to announce the debut of my new collection of pillows: Touch of Grey for Fall 2009 available at A little disclaimer depending on when you check the website, adding the collection is still a work in progress. It is an exciting but time consuming challenge to run a one-person small business where you are in charge of everything from design conception to marketing material, etc. Below is the start of the photo shoot to show off the new collection!

Samantha KNappA few minutes later, using fabric we had in house, a new set!IMG_0648If you’ve ever modeled you might already know this… it is not as easy as it looks. To not only make your fingers and toes look relaxed while in a position that is not comfortable but made to look so is worth a day’s salary! With no stylist on board, I have to hope that my hair, pillows and posture are dead-on! Let me tell you all that at once makes the temperature go up a thousand degrees. Suddenly you’re shvitzed!


Outfit change!  This 1940s flapper style dress reflected the inspiration I had for the pillows. I wanted a high glamor, very sophisticated feel in the collection.


I am truly proud of the collection and hope it brings meaning and expression into a hundreds of homes!

For more check out: and if they are not there today, try again tomorrow. Remember I am one man band 🙂