Pretty in Pink….


Pretty in Pink

The closest thing to pretty in pink in your pad should be the retro-prom dress with lace and tulle stored in the deepest darkest confines of your closet.

There’s no shame is loving Molly Ringwald in the 1980s cult classic as she wrangles the self esteem of a bull into her 5’10 frame and debuts a thrifty gown fit for Cinderella with a budget, thread spools and materials seemingly ripped from Cindy’s mice.  As Andie Walsh, Molly throws materialistic and the rich whimsical ways of the suburban experience on its knees and in doing so lands the man of her dreams.

Twenty years later, Pink isn’t the same Aphrodisiac.  Too much pink in your apartment gives a guy a stomach shock so powerful he’ll be asking for the only branded product he knows in that color way, Peto Bismol. It is overly feminine and speaks desperately of domesticity.

A guy wants to think that you’re almost an uncommitted as he is and any sense of dating with exclusivity is hatched in his own bachelor brain. Let him think what he wants and make the space you live in reflect a neutral stance on dating.

This is not to say you should totally disregard all your love of pink. Used sutly like it can make a sensual statement and represent that part of your personality that doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Think Pink, and really think Pink, the soulful rock star who has a cathartic approach to song and life. When it comes to relationships, so what??? Her soul comes first.

“I’m still a rock star
I got my rock moves
And i don’t need you
And guess what
I’m having more fun
And now that we’re done
I’m gonna show you tonight
I’m alright, I’m just fine
And you’re a tool”

Rock On Sister!  But remember if you’re going to decorate in Pink, your style may hit a bad note in his song book!



He’s Going for the Girls Next Door!

Going For the Girl Next DoorGoing for the Girl’s Next Door! 

So you think you’re the Cat’s Meow and all the cats you currently live with are your puss & boot posse. The Feline Frock  purrs when you stay home in flannel pjs and bunny slippers, hisses at men as they would a pack of rabid dogs and scratches the eyes out of guy who dares come to the door.  The purfect-relationship sends your guy running to Heffner’s Girls Next Door!

Cat-a-gorically speaking, too many cats puts you in line with Edie and Little Edie of Gray Gardens fame.   There is something about having more then one cat as a single woman that can send out the wrong message. Cat-lady, spinster, scorned singleton… call it what you like. The  smell of the litter acts as a repellent to keep all eligible bachelors away.

Hello Kitty! While you may love your feline friends, you have to ask yourself if you are sending out a message that keeps you from meeting the man of your dreams. In the words of John Updike, Rabbit Run.  Be a little more bunny, because remember men are all dogs!



Bachelors and Single Ladies please sound off. Send me funny stories about dating and single life that pertains to your living situation and be featured on my blog!!!

No Bull about Bedding!

No Bull

Taking the Bull by the Horn

Here’s how the legend goes:

There once was a single man who bought plaid bedding to seem as big as Paul Bunyan in bed.  He spread the scotch plaid from sheets to pillow shams and then headed to the bar for a drink.  Be it luck of the Scotts or the Irish, he kissed and talked cuddles to one lucky lady.  Eventually he lured her to his bed.  She was deep in the moment head under the sheets until she glimpsed the square pattern on the sheets. The plaid of a bachelor pad blare brightly in her eyes and she then knew what she had to do. Blinded she dressed and quickly ran away, leaving the bachelor quite blue!

No bull buddy, loose the plaid flannel bed sheets. They make any man seem like a singleton who carried the sheets straight from his college dorm room to his current living space.  Lack of concern for bedding is a lack of concern for what happens in the bedroom. 

Don’t loose sleep, this image can easily change with new bed sheets. Choose a set that is 100% cotton. The alluring price of polyster or rayon blend bedding may at first glance grab your attention but it is important to keep in mind those blends never soften to a snuggle feeling.

Chose cotton and chose wisely. Muslin blends are the low end of the cotton spectrum. They are generally used in children’s character theme bedding and if you chose that route, you might as well stay-put in the plaid.  Pima, Supima and Egyptian are Gucci, Channel and Prada of cottons. The differences are geographical only. Pima is grown in the southwestern part of the U.S. and Egyptian is grown along the Nile River. Thread count on this type of cotton is 200 and beyond and makes for soft, inviting and desirable bedding.  Silk is another strong option for welcome and warmth.  Keep the colors crisp, clean and neutral. 

She will definitely feel you in bed!

Listen Ladies: Don’t Bear It All!



Don’t Bear It All!

I have spent a lot of time bashing bachelors for living like heathens in the blazing confines of Singleton H-ll. Until this point a ladies touch has been the tip of a magic wand to create a living space of heaven on earth.  But what if the girls next door is more single spinster than playboy bunny?

Can she have a fighting chance? Ladies, it is time to raise the red flag on the  signs that say we are desperate for marriage, destine for a second rate relationship or doomed to live with cats for eternity.

Avoid the following:

  • A stuffed animal collection complete with a talking Teddy Ruxpin who plays positive affirmations about the man-to-woman dating pool.  “I am Teddy Ruxpin, I mean a dashing prince… Can you and I be friends?”
  • The framed pictures of the one that got away? True you were voted most likely to get married in high school. But, ten-years post prom, the picture is as faded as the dried carnation crosage pinned to the frame. 
  • Is your bedroom, ripped from childhood with pink bedding, a ruffled bedskirt, toiles and lace?

It is as natural to us to want our delicate comforts as it is for bachelor’s to gravitate toward beach babe posters and gaming machines.  Still, a single girl’s style should be carefully put together with added attention to the possibility that at some point a man might just enter your spinster space. 

If there is any wonder to what you think about a bachelor’s stylistic set up. It maybe time to look at that mirror you reserve for counting the wrinkles on your face. A pink princess palace, really does bare it all!


Westport Arts Center: House Project


Interesting project came my way. Showcasing at the Westport Arts  Center “House Project” show house!  Several young, new, contemporary artists are joining forces to showcase art in a luxurious home on 54 Bayberry Lane in Westport.

I’ve been invited to add furnishings to one installation. Excited to see the reception. April 24 & 25….

Open to the public

Bachelor Pad Stories and Such!


To many or any of my readers, I have dedicated a good portion of this blog to the funny tidbits, true characteristics and all around knowing signs of bachelorism.  I ran out of scoop friends given that I hardly date and have no bachelor friends! So please drop a line, drop a picture and chat along with me….

As the New York Times suggested in this Saturday’s business section it could get us all a book deal!

Talking Tigerlilys Tip: Fabric Fabulosity!


For each kid in a candy store that grew up to love design, there are fabric showrooms.  Enclosed in four walls are endless color combinations, design motifs, natural and synthetic fibers that make way to textures of light linens to heavy weaves.


For this Tigerlily’s tip of the trade, we turn now to a fabric 411.


Wool: Fibers from animal coats like sheep and goat. In interiors it can be used as an upholstery fabric, to make draperies or pillows. Course wool can be more durable and often is produced at the mills with more rubs. Cashmere blends are refined and should be used in delicate accents pieces.

Cotton:  Fibers from the cotton plant’s seed pod. Cotton fabrics begin at an affordable price point and can sustain a fair amount of ware and tear. Cottons can have a casual cozy feel with an ability to maintain shape and can be dressed up for elegance especially with print.

Silk:  Fibers from the cocoon of the silkworm. Silks can look beautiful as draperies and on delicate furnishings. Silk should be tends to fade in direct sunlight.

Linen:  Linen is from flax, a bast fiber taken from the stalk of the plant. The natural fiber in neutral tones provides a fresh contemporary look. L
Hemp, Ramie, and Jute: All of these are similar to linen but the plants are processed slightly differently.


Rayon: From cellulose, has many of the qualities of cotton, a natural cellulose fiber. Rayon is strong, extremely absorbent, comes in a variety of qualities and weights, and can be made to resemble natural fabrics.  


Polyester: is a strong fiber that is resistant to crease and thus keeps it shape. Blends of polyester give cotton a permanent press property and extend the wear of these blended garments.