The Young Collectors Incarnation!

The Young Collectors Incarnation!


With great excitement and some hard work, I am thrilled to be able to share the first in a two part video series of the Greenwich Young Collectors debut party. We are not only amazed by the outpouring of support for the group, its goals to promote culture, art and charity awareness, but hope to take that success and run with it.


We now welcome you to the “Antiquarius After Party” at Ron Rosa’s Louie’s on River Road in Cos Cob. Mark your calendar now for December 3, 2009 and log onto our website for more information on how to buy tickets, “”



Sokolsky on Stardom….



It was with great excitement that we invited Melvin Sokolsky on Talking Tigerlily’s this November for a conversation that transgressed his remarkable career in photography into a conversation on content of character, morals, determination, self-esteem and the will to be defined by your passions not by professional pressure.

Fresh faced and new to the industry Melvin launched a career in the early 1960s, taking his work to different agencies and fashion magazines. Feedback came in the form of closed doors and criticism. Industry leaders called his concepts interesting but unusable and were reluctant to take a chance. Still, Sokolsky stayed true to his inspirations and continued to approach those who were initially apprehensive to take his work on with new interpretations of his art. Finally a proposition came in the form of a $150.00 budget, a fur coat and leading Ford model Anne St. Marie.

The shoot ultimately opened doors to Harper’s Bazaar and the doors of his East 39th street studio. Sokolsky photographed celebrities and fashion stars including Lauren Hutton, Chet Baker, Dustin Hoffman, Zero Mostel, Ali MacGraw (who worked for Sokolsky as his stylist and producer for seven years) Twiggy, Jane Fonda, Nancy Allen, Racquel Welch, and Julie Christy.


Taking pictures came easy to Sokolsky.  “It is only about the work,” he told Talking Tigerlily’s.  “If the pictures are there, you will be found. If the pictures are not there you may get jobs but you will not ever do anything transcendent unless you do something.”  Sokolsky’s natural ability created in his career space and time to pioneer new grounds and express facets of his creativity that reinforced his art as original and bold.


In 1963, Sokolsky approached Harper’s Bazarr with an installation that would define a period of his career that pushed the bar. The Bubble series for Harper’s Bazaar was what he considered to be signature street photography with a voyeur twist.  “I saw her as a visitor from another planet in a transparent globe at the speed of light travel traveling through Paris and interacting with the people.”


For more on Sokolsky’s legendary career visit his website, The site has a link to his new book which is a complete look at his  work up until now. With forty-plus years of imaginary, Sokolsky still has his eye behind the lens, most recently for Italian Vogue.  Also, log onto our link:

Thanks for the Time… Greenwich Time!



Not antiques: Group gets young crowd involved with Historical Society

Group gets young crowd involved with Greenwich Historical Society

By Lisa Chamoff
Staff Writer

Posted: 11/16/2009 05:31:48 PM EST





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// ]]>There is a lot of “old” associated with The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich, but a group of 20- and 30-somethings who have recently gotten involved are hoping to inject a little new into the organization.Calling themselves the Young Collectors, the small committee is bringing Facebook and martinis to the world of antiques and Colonial houses.Samantha Knapp, a  town native who is heading the committee, wants to help create a unique way for young people to get involved in an important community organization — one that they probably associate with school field trips.Knapp, who recently moved back to town after working around the country as a television news reporter, said she was always intimidated by events like Antiquarius, the society’s annual fundraiser, which includes a massive weekend antiques show at the Greenwich Civic Center in Old Greenwich. “I really want people to have a comfortable environment where they feel like they can be a part of something,” Knapp said.


Betsey Ruprecht, the special events chairwoman for Antiquarius and an longtime friend of Knapp’s family, invited her to get involved and bring some new blood into the 52-year-old event.


Earlier this month, the Young Collectors organized a debut party at Beacon Hill of Greenwich, a new development of luxury townhouses. More than 300 people showed up to mingle, drink orange-flavored vodka and pose for photos, which have already been put up on the group’s Facebook page.Jen Danzi, who graduated from Greenwich High School in 1990 and is also on the committee, said before coming to the event that some people didn’t realize the historical society, which puts on exhibitions and organizes lectures, existed.


“A lot of people out there want to be involved; they just don’t know how,” Danzi said. “The younger generation hasn’t really found their place in these events because there’s still that same crowd that’s been going forever and ever.”


 There are more events in the works. After the main opening-night gathering for Antiquarius at the civic center on Dec. 3, the Young Collectors are planning an after-party geared toward people ages 21-37 at Louie’s Italian Restaurant & Bar in Cos Cob. At a recent committee meeting in the rustic old barn at the back of the Bush-Holley House, where the society has its museum and library, members sipped wine and ate cheese, and talked about how the Young Collectors could become more visible. They discussed creating a blog and using the social networking site Twitter. The also tossed around ideas for the after-party, entertaining a retro theme based on the TV show “Mad Men,” which is set during the early 1960s.  The partnership is a great match for the historical society, Ruprecht said, and fits in with the “what’s old is new again” theme this year for Antiquarius.”The young people are being introduced to us, and antiques,” Ruprecht said. “It’s a nice two-way exchange.”  David Sokolsky, a 35-year-old photographer from Norwalk, has also gotten involved, providing visual support. He’s also donating a luxury art book by his uncle, fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky, as a prize at the after-party.”I don’t know what to expect of the group,” said Sokolsky, who grew up in Katonah, N.Y. “What I’d like to see is a group of interesting people and whatever else makes them connections, either social or professional.”  Knapp has high hopes for the Young Collectors.”The historical society traditionally has been all about preserving and celebrating this town,” Knapp said. “Maybe in 100 years, this will be something tried and true.”




Staff Writer Lisa Chamoff can be reached at or 625-4439.






































































































































The Westport Wow Factor!!!

Westport Design District



Calling all you decorating Divas & Dudes!!! Tonight is a night to be inspired by the wonderful design community nestled in the heart of downtown Westport.  Moffly Media has done an incredible job of encouraging the town’s flagship destinations Rockwell Art & Framing,  HB Home, Dovecote, Circa Antiques, Gault, Love & Company, Bungalow, Lux Bond & Green, Kismet, Signorello, Lynne Scalo, Room and Calico Home to open their doors in celebration of all the wonderfully creative ideas, accessories and must-haves that make a home a home.

I am thrilled to be there joined by a camera crew to capture the tips of the trade and the fun of the night, walking the walk of Westport’s Design District.

Destination Miami Design




What’s hot in Miami is more then the weather! I was thrilled to learn Miami Design Magazine chose my pillow design for Samantha Knapp Atelier to be among its spread on the many things that packs a punch in personal style.  See for yourself at Many thanks to the most amazing Public Relations Company Treskoi PR for constantly keeping my business in the public eye!

The Young Collectors Debut…


Beacon Hill of Greenwich

Beacon Hill of Greenwich hosted the debut party of the Young Collectors on Friday, November 6, 2009.  The Young Collectors are thrilled to raise awareness for the Greenwich Historical Society.  The Historical Society is a privately funded non-profit reaching over seven-thousand students a year.


Committee Co-Chairs Samantha Knapp & Jen Danzi


With the help of an amazing committee including co-chair Jen Danzi, we threw a fantastic party. I think at one point there was two-hundred and fifty people at the event. Thanks to the many people who came out in support of the Young Collectors. You can see more of our pictures on the facebook page “The Young Collectors”and on our website “”




If you missed this event, be sure to mark your calendar for December 3rd when we host our next fund raiser at Louie’s Italian Restaurant & Bar on River Road in Cos Cob. For more information on that event search our website “”