Schumacher Shines

Schumacher Shines

Sharing the finished product to the Schumacher shoot. We are colloborating on the lounge for the Ivy Cup.  Excited to debut the space tomorrow night at the Hillcrest Manor and then again on the polo grounds for the match. Samantha Knapp SchumacherCheck out


Schumacher Photo Shoot

Samantha KnappSamantha KnappGetting ready for the Tigerlily Lounge at the Ivy Cup. Working on ad campaign for the lounge. Schumacher donated all the indoor/outdoor fabric for the space. All really hot colors. To tell the story, we created some accessories for those polo horses looking for a color punch!!

 A lot of photos to look through! Attached some for fun. Excited to see how this all turns out. Ivy Cup is going to be great. What’s better then fun, friends, polo and charity??? Check out  “”

Baldy Can’t Lock the Lady…


Baldly Locks & The Ladies

If  you hear the word “Rug” and start thinking about a thinning crown and the eventual toupee or shaggy life-like plugs that will call you head home, I am not floored.  For some ladies, bald could keep you a bachelor. 

No joke, according to the website, “”:

In 1992, researchers at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, surveyed 145 men, and found that 84 percent of the balding men were preoccupied with their loss. They described themselves as filled with self-consciousness, helplessness, and envy of men with full heads of hair. Single bald men who had begun losing hair in their early twenties were more likely to suffer from extremely low self-esteem.

It is no wonder they are not thinking of rugs in their home sweet home!  While Rogaine comes to rescue, I will offer some real assistance with the rug in your living space.

“There’s nothing worse then walking into a bachelor’s apartment and he’s got wall to wall carpeting with stains and a dark track from the entrance of the room to the couch,” says one Connecticut friend in the dating game.

He obviously doesn’t clean the carpet, hence the mud trail from leading in and out of the room and that’s just what you can see. Wall to wall carpeting especially those cheap nylon blends are a harbor in a storm for anything you drop, spill or what ever hair fell from your head.

If you are living in a space with wall to wall carpeting and it is a long term rental commitment or your name is on the mortgage, may I suggest ripping up old tattered rugs. Especially if you are not the first tenant to foot these floors. Other people’s carpet is just plain un-hygienically gross.

Go the route of refinishing the floors and use small areas rugs to anchor a living space. Berber, Sisal and wool are all natural, neutral blends that are easy to manage and in small sizes easier to keep clean. Keeping your rug clean is another important part of the equation. Make an effort to sweep or run a vacuum over the rug at least two to three times a week. There are also very useful products at your local grocers that you can spray on to improve or maintain a fresh smell.

I know this is one hair raising topic, but if your floors are covered by dirty rugs that your gal pal is afraid to step; you will force this lady to run for  liberty indeed! 

PS. Going bald? I am all for a clean shaved head instead of sparing the sides!


Readers please feel free to write into my blog with any funny bachelor pad or single lady lounge stories you may have. They will be featured on this blog!

Now That Makes Scents!

Samantha Knapp

Now That Makes Scents!

Millions of marketing dollars go into out-door scented products from fabric softeners, to candles, to “Oust,” a manipulated scent in a can.  It’s clear Mother Nature outshines the home boy climate controlled ventilation system that circulates through a house!

Walk into a bachelor pad and more often that not, you are wowed by the whiff.  It generally is a cross between sweaty socks, body odor, Mary Jane party-puff and patchouli oil. The later is usually the last in the equation and a weak attempt to cover the other outlining smells.

Not to turn an Al Pacino blind eye, the “Scent of a Woman.”   The is also predictable in her pad. Vanilla scented candles and potpourri mix with the latest perfume from designers or celebrities trying to brand their names.

If this is all starting to smell a little rotten it is time for a fresh scent.  Go back to the basics, my friends, back to the great outdoors!  Open a window or buy into the product hype.   The smell of outdoor crisp air in your bachelor pad or ladies lounge, now that makes scents!


Westport Show House

Samantha Knapp

Westport Show House Success

The Westport Arts Center Show House was a Success.  Joining forces with Jahmane (  we collectively created a space that reflected a vibrant urban lifestyle inside a traditional space.   

Showcasing this different dynamic in Westport couldn’t have been more delightful. The crowd responded positively to our installation and the forty other artists who came together to project this new spin on artistic ambiance in the suburbs.

Bravo to all involved.