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Greenwich Avenue, the ever evolving Rodeo Drive of the  North East has a new heavy weight for your wardrobe!  Rising above competitive collections and nestled in the center of the Ave in a second floor studio is the new Carlisle/Per Se Showroom. At the helm of this style ship is the wonderful and keen eyed Anne Friday who can quickly size up your shape and best assets. Like a magician, Anne works her magic,  pulling from two exclusive collections to give you a head to toe look that puts your best foot forward. As if direct and honest advise about how you look isn’t luxury enough, the showroom makes you right at home with something to sip and a dish of high design.  Anne has put together ann amazing looks for me to debut the night of the Young Collectors debut at Beacon Hill of Greenwich. It will be my own little runway!!!

While she styles, Anne offers her own season tips. Her word to the wise is to  invest in the must-have mix-of-the-moment new staples. Keep it sexy, scene-stealing and incredibly glamorous Start by making a hit list of what’s hot. Check it twice or cheat off the fabulous stylist herself. Below is Anne’s top five!


Feathers are having a major moment. They invoke pure fantasy with a twist of insider chic. It easily mixes to into your own closet providing a new harmony of texture, taper and tonal surprise. Check out the over-the-top, after-hours suit in black duchess satin skirt—the hem hand-stitched with a frenzy of ostrich feathers—topped with the ultimate cover-up—a faille-over-duchess satin mock-layered jacket caught with a frog closure. A collector’s piece that’s all soft, rich beauty is mink-colored silk georgette skirt lavished with row-upon-row of autumn-hued pheasant feathers.

A Feather in the Cap or on the Clothes!
A Feather in the Cap or on the Clothes!

Precious metals are de rigueur. Amped-up with lustrous patinas for a whole new dimension of glamour and glee jumping on the Gold Rush could bring a new dynamic to your closet! Standouts from Per Se include iridescent collages of metals in a dramatic jacket and origami-pleated skirt; gold-leaf glazed techno jacket to dress up or down; white blouse with a high-shine silver ‘necklace’ to whisk on or off; chainmail-embossed satchel like liquid mercury; snakeskin-embossed Roman gold leather belt; beaded minaudiere.

Gold Rush!
Gold Rush!


No-holds-barred glamour is back! Cocktail dresses are strictly A-list and Per Se designs for maximum impact.  The details to-die-for is Vintage Hollywood influenced with a dress with silver fox sleeves with bias-pleating on a sensuous column of lustrous black matte satin. High drama is also achieved with an iridescent plum silk twill one-shoulder with bejeweled sash and a spot-on ultra-sophisticated champagne silk satin dress with ribbon-over-ruffle and appliquéd cutouts.

Go Glam Girl!
Go Glam Girl


Atelier designs are the finds of the season influenced by the concept that style is high art. Detailed as if each piece is one-of-a-kind, the collection lets you wrap yourself in a black milano stitch cardigan embellished with rivulets of ruffled tiers. Or, step into the most sublime skirts: a metallic collage mock wrap with artfully formed and folded origami pleats; a black stretch wool pencil with a double layer of ruffles suspended from gold metal bars at the hem; a winter white/black tweed exquisitely draped with overlapping tiers.

Dressing is an Art!
Dressing is an Art!

Fabulous face-framing collars are big news.  The wider, slouchier, more oversized, the better! The neck is romanced and the face framed in this trend. Volume is recreated in a fantastic turtle draped to move in a new way; a knit cape enveloped in a huge ribknit crossover; a pop green sweater draped with a supersoft cowl. Jackets that are pure drama to begin with sport the colossal spread, convertible and stand collars that are signatures of the season.

Neck & Neck to the Finish!
Neck & Neck to the Finish!

To make an appointment at the Greenwich showroom women can
call (203) 422-2464 or send an email to


Greenwich Glam Girl Picks the Classics!


ecWho better to dish on Hollywood’s golden age in cinema then tinseltown insider and our friend Afton Fraser?  Known by friends and family as a encyclopedia of classic movie stars, story lines and cinematography… Afton shares her passion with a broader base in the book “Hollywood Picks the Classics.”  As Afton tells Talking Tigerlily’s, her early childhood memories are of watching black and white movies and dressing up as a young scarlet. Today, Afton looks like a scarlet of years past but carries the sensibilities of what entertains the modern women.  “Themes from old movies are the same themes that we deal with in everyday life and see in the block busters that command the silver screen today, ” Fraser says.
pic.phpAs for her favorites, Afton rattles a list like the roster on a pro-athletic team. From Lauren Bacall to Humphrey Bogart to movies like The Maltese Falcon and Love Affair; all of these images define a generation that Afton Fraser carefully puts together for easy reading and visual enjoyment.  Having finished this genre, Afton tells us she is ready to tackle the Classics for Kids!

Lets not forget decorating. I am helping Afton create a space inside her beautiful home that expresses the bring Hollywood Glam to Greenwich.


HOLLYWOOD PICKS THE CLASSICS focuses on the movies of the Golden Age from 1930 to 1960; breaks down the movies into categories such as Film Noir, Romance, Good Guys/Bad Guys, and Damsels and Dames; and gives the must-sees in each category. Also included is a yearbook of the stars and directors from the movies described. HOLLYWOOD PICKS THE CLASSICS includes plot synopses, casts and crews, famous quotes, trivia, facts about the stars and awards, and behind-the-scenes gossip. But what makes this book unique are the dozens of personal top-ten favorite lists from Hollywood stars, directors, and writers. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of pictures, many of which have never been seen, jam-packed with information, and with an introduction by screen legend Esther Williams, HOLLYWOOD PICKS THE CLASSICS is an entertaining and visually exciting guide for the film novice as well as the film buff.


Barnes & Noble

A clean little secret!

The Laundress Keeps Fun Clean!

Keepin' it Clean
The ladies of the Laundress are spot-on, when it comes to keeping things clean and doing their part for a good cause!

Thanks to one of my dearest and best friends in the world, Bell Courtney-Lydon, I was introduced to Lindsey Wieber Boyd and her keen eye for clean. Lindsey is one part of the dynamic team that makes up the Laundress along with Gwen Whiting. These ladies have a fabulous sense of what’s great in style with experiences at CHANEL and Ralph Lauren and have rolled up their sleeves to bring that exclusive taste and sensibilities to cleaning products!


Always separate laundry by color. For best results use The Laundress White Detergent for all whites, The Laundress Darks Detergent for darks and denim, and The Laundress Signature Detergent for lights and colors. Items should be laundered separately by color category for best results and color longevity.

Intense cleaning involves three elements: water temperature (hot), detergent amount (more than recommended) and agitation (movement in machine). Fabric (such as cotton) generally has a certain shrinkage capacity so washing your favorite white t-shirt once in hot water will shrink the same amount as it would over multiple washings in warm.

Washing delicates by hand is the best. After hand washing with The Laundress Delicate Wash, delicates should be line dried or laid flat to dry. If machine washing, always protect items by placing them in a mesh bag using a delicate wash cycle. *Swimwear, lacey items, and under wire bras should always be hand washed for best care and longevity.

When freshening gym shoes, furniture or a jacket after a night on the town, The Laundress Fabric Fresh in your favorite scent disinfects and freshens. The Laundress Fabric Fresh also adds a clean touch to bedding (especially in a hotel).

To treat tough stains, pour The Laundress Stain Solution directly onto stained area and rub gently (to avoid distressing the fabric). Then, soak item in hot water before running through a long laundry cycle. Keep in mind that hot water is always best, but when handling delicates and wools keep the temperature tepid.

When laundering with bleach, it is best to soak items in bleach then add The Laundress Signature Detergent after soaking. Since bleach cancels out the cleaning agents in detergents mixing them at the same time is counterproductive.

Cashmere, most wool, and pashmina should only be machine washed with cool water in a delicate cycle with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Pilling can be minimized by washing items inside out. However, fine items are truly more protected when lovingly cared for in a nice tepid bath and dried flat to keep their natural shape.

Thanks to Lindsey & Gwen for helping the Young Collectors debut at Beacon Hill of Greenwich on Nov.6th with a special gift!  For more information, check out the website “”

Muse on a Museum

Muse on a Museum

Rouges Gallery

Michael Gross’ new book “Rogues Gallery: The Secret History of the Moguls & the Money they made the Metropolitan Museum” is a true muse into the interworks and relationships that built the cultural empire that sits on 5th Avenue.  The best selling author know for his interpretation of the exclusive lifestyles of the rich and famous in books like 740 Park and Genuine Authentic, Gross now turns his attention to to what he describes and a social and philantrophic playground of the people his had formerly profiled.

Rogues Gallery

In Gross words, his research for this book, meet with adversity in gallery hall and silenced contributors: “Regardless, he will take his secrets to the grave-at least until his full oral history emerges(Dietrich Von Bothmer), if it ever does.  The Metropolitan Museum is a storehouse of human memory. But it appeared, that day at least, it would just as soon its own be erased.”

A link to our conversation on Talking Tigerlilys:

We always love when guests sound off and dish on the topics we think are important. Want us to dish on a topic we haven’t yet covered? We want you to share your ideas with us. You can come by the store 241 East Putnam Avenue in Cos Cob CT across from the Cos Cob school and let us know what you want to hear or we can simply answer your questions in person. You can also contact us through our website or blog

I want the cookie in this cookie jar!!

YOU & ME Cookie

No matter how this cookie crumbles, the taste is great! The Young Collectors are thrilled the ladies behind You&Me Cookie have a sweet tooth for the Greenwich Historical Society. The team behind the amazing tasting treat are going to share their bites and their story with us.


In 2009 two Larchmont, New York moms, Heather Mahland and Kyle de Lasa, started You&Me Cookie, the company behind the JUMBLE.  Armed with a grandmother’s cookie recipe they decided to share their treats with others. “I have been making JUMBLE cookies with my Grandma forever and when Kyle suggested I sell them rather than always give them away, we started to get excited about creating a cookie business!” explained Heather.

Heather & Kyle had three common goals that led to the creation of You&Me Cookie.  Firstly they wanted to introduce a healthier dessert or snack option to their families and friends. Heather and Kyle wanted to offer a high quality cookie with pure ingredients and both believe that food should be fresh. Their mantra is buy them, eat them, enjoy them . . no more packaged products that are filled with preservatives.  Grape Nuts Cereal™ and oatmeal are packed with fiber and that adds to the nutritional value.

The second goal was to make a nut free cookie. One of Kyle’s sons is allergic to nuts and she was hesitant about buying fresh baked cookies at the local stores. “We want to be able to offer cookies that we know are nut free.”

Their third goal was to be able to stay local.  Heather and Kyle wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on their community.  “This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to do something we enjoy and get to know our community better,” Kyle states.  Friends are constantly passing by on baking days to have a hot cookie and a cup of coffee.  Parents are also grateful to have the option to add a healthy home baked cookie to their kids’ school lunches.


You can find You&Me Cookies at Plum Pure Foods in Cos Cob, CT as well as a sampling at the Young Collectors debut party Nov.6th at Beacon Hill of Greenwich.


Everyone wants Heather & Kyle to introduce a new flavor, but they feel very good about this cookie.  It’s delicious, the packaging is clean and attractive and everybody loves them. “We do one thing and we do it right!”