Tapped In!

It took 10 years but I am finally tapped back in! I caught up with a fabulous old friend  from Indiana University and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sister, Sarah Olson last night to hear about her amazing new project. She is among the amazing group behind the new documentary, “Tapped”  debuting in New York’s IFC Theater in the West Village tomorrow night.

It was great to share a night, laugh at the past and chat about the future. Sarah is among the producers of “Who Killed the Electric Car,”  and her best friend Stephanie Soechtig presenting a wonderful inception into the most basic life sustaining fluid, water, and how it the twists and tangles behind the store bought bottles.

The inspiring documentary trails the path of the bottled water industry and the communities are unwitting chips on the table. A powerful portrait of the lives effected by the bottled water industry, this revelatory film features those caught at the intersection of big business and the public’s right to water.


From the wet to the wild:

Who doesn’t like  a man in his skivvies?  I am thrilled to be attending the launch party of the Bjorn Borg Men & Women’s underwear launch at Peter Elliot. Could be a grand slam. Tonight: 6-8 1070 Madison Avenue @ 81st.



Bikini Show Bare ALL!



I call this the Bikini Show Bare All since I was given the amazing opportunity to sit front row with VIP access to both the Ed Hardy and True Religion swimsuit shows at the Raleigh Miami Beach. My sister, Alexis Knapp killed with her Public Relations team at Treskoi PR making both shows the most media attended in the week.  Both rang true to their perspective brands. True Religion showed Dazzie Duke and Denim influences while Ed Hardy kicked it up with bold colors, rhinestone detailing, skulls-birds of paradise and much much more.

Samantha Knapp with Ed Hardy Swimwear Creative Director

I chatted with the creative director of both shows, who at just 26-years-old may seem like an underdog but presented both collections with a smooth, seamless style that counters any of her peers. Fawn pictured above center spoke highly of both brands and how important it was to bring out the best in their wardrobe detailing in the skantly clad.

Ed Hardy Swimwear

With bright, bold colors, great music and a standing room only crowd, the Ed Hardy  Collection set a tone of pure excitement and style for the sun and sand. Post show Arie Setton president of the swimsuit division celebrated a collection that sang!

Arie Setton Celebrates Show

Samantha Knapp & Arie Setton of Ed Hardy Swimwear


Miami Fashion Week

I am thrilled to be heading down to Mercedes Benz Fashion in Miami, July 17th. I join my amazing sister, Alexis Knapp of Treskoi PR who is spearheading the efforts to bring the debut of the  Ed Hardy Swimwear Collection to the forefront of this week’s sizzle under the sun!  The Ed Hardy show hits center stage at the Raleigh Hotel this Saturday to an A-list Crowd and Top Media outlets.  Before Ed Hardy, True Religion offers its spin on the bikini clad Friday night with after parties to boot!

Samantha Knapp

While I have spent some time recently in the sun and at the Beach, I could certainly use some time on South Beach!



Samantha Knapp

Life’s A Beach!

The mixture of sunshine and sand is as classic as it is brand new each season as the warm weather draws us all out of homes and outside to relish in the great outdoors.

I am inspired this season by the natural beauty of the water and how it brings people together to share lazy days in the sun.

Speaking of bringing people together, I am thrilled to be collaborating again with artist, Jahmane (artofjahmane.com) which will be debuting at the Ed Hardy Swimwear Fashion Show in Miami beach July 17th.

It’s an on idea on paper now, but  rendition below will be a reality with a little elbow grease and a two week deadline.  Coming Soon: A promise to bring the comforts of home out to the beach with a inflatable pillow for your head!  Heads Up my Friends!

Beach Pillow