“Everything we do should be the result of our gratitude for what God has done for us”–Lauryn Hill


MARCH, 2014

There is nothing like it. The topic is recognition as it relates to the feeling you get when some one finally notices what you are doing with accolades. You could be defeating all odds and won’t mean a thing unless someone notices. That person has gratitude.

I am frankly humbled with gratitude that Architectural Digest Germany featured my home in its March, 2014 issue.

“the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.“–Gratitude as defined by Webster’s online dictionary.



Online and in the social media version, I also thank every one else that made it possible:

  1. My parents: Betsy & Bob
  2. My Sister’s especially Nicole for the space
  3. My friend Laura Bays
  4. Tiger Lily’s Greenwich
  5. The North Street Man
  6. Irene Edwards, Lonny Magazine
  7. Genevieve Garruppo, Lonny Magazine
  8. Wendy Scofield. Lonny Magazine
  9. Professional Photographer Melanie Acevedo
  10. Writer, Kathryn O-Shea-Evans
  11. Art of Jahmane
  12. Larry the Fabric Guy
  13. A Picker with an Eye for Antiques
  14. Fleurish Florals
  15. AD Germany


Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content.“-
Samuel Johnson

The cottage was a very deliberate choice when I decided to move out of the city, but at times the experience has inconsistencies. In those moments I have questioned, found peace, patience and gratitude. When I live in that space and time, affirmations from the most unique of places finds me there.

“To get you choice right, you have to believe in the outcome. I live and work by choices and I am happy with that.”–Samantha Knapp


I will say this, seeing my name published will never get old. 🙂



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