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Here’s how I found them at the Salvation Army. Having all the money in the world should not prevent you from entering a donation center or secondhand retail store. Age has beauty and frankly people tend to trash their greatest treasures. Understand that key to life and  if you haven’t yet, change an old habit and shop someplace new.

“The fixity of a habit is generally in direct proportion to its absurdity.” ― Marcel Proust

Here’s what I like about the Ottomans:

1. On Wheels

2. Vintage Brss drop handles with back plates

3. Use of Textured Vinyl

4. Button-cinched square

5. Price: 3 for $25.00

I went to the Salvation Army to shop for my clients on HGTV. I ended up with a few things, including these ottomans. The  budget for the show is tight but the design is free if you open your mind and the end result looks expansive. More on that later #tease.


HGTV, that’s another day. Everday, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. That’s why it is always later on the West Coast. It’s to gain the advantage of sunlight. Midday the sun shines its brightest onto the paddock outside my windows and blasts amazing natural light into my bedroom. I couldn’t get this in the city that never sleeps, though for the record I tried. I lived in an Upper East, second floor walk up for three-straight years.

New York City ate me up.  I went back to the outdoors and hometown Greenwich in August, 2013. I am single, attached is the link to my highly spinster-style home in I am taking advantage of it now.  The next house, I decorate for two.

Single is frightening in any geography, that is why I really didn’t worry about the move. Love where you live  is what I say, love your environment and it will feed you.  Attraction is a state of mind and that means it can happen anywhere. You have to focus on it. I have always wanted to be in-love but haven’t put the focus on it.  There’s always been my career. It is a safe place that is guaranteed to love me back and which has fueled me to become a successful business woman.   Before Tiger Lily’s, I was a lucky broadcast news journalist and most of that time all I wanted to make it to Network TV so I  never took my personal relationships seriously. My apologies to anyone who took “us” to be. and my joy in watching my old broadcast roomie Ginger-Zee’s rise to the top. Lara Spencer my mentor also made it there. Ladies come get me or God marry me off 🙂

This morning, I woke  up and watched a coyote cross my paddock. It looked nothing like the road-runner. Animals in nature have a spring in their step. Even my domestic dogs do. I’ve had Smeagie most my adult-life. Charlie was a rescue from sister, 7-weeks ago. They surprisingly are a good-match.



“It is might just be a trick of the mind that life is better on the inside, wild animals have it right.”–Samantha Knapp, author

Native American Indians worship Coyotes. “Coyote appears as the Creator himself; but he may at the same time be the messenger, the culture hero, the trickster, the fool. He has also the ability of the transformer: in some stories he is a handsome young man; in others he is an animal; yet others present him as just a power, a sacred one.”

Call it a mythical sign, I had do something radical. I relaunched

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ON MATCH.COMGO EASY ON ME almost worked for me once.  Following that experience I swore on my life I wouldn’t return here.  But here I am, go easy on me. It had a heart wrenching effect. I told “Mr. Bunny”  that to his face. Never in my life until then, had I met the man I really thought that I could marry. That’s my match hasn’t appealed to me. I told the Bunny I would never go back but never is like forever and you’ll never really know how long that it. The more things you want in life, the closer that gap.

When you go bacl to something that you think didn’t work, the reason is because you still have the desired right outcome. You have to try for you want. The Dallas Buyers Club got turned down over 150-times before a company bought the screen-play.  In doing so, it legitimized  playboy Matthew McConaughey as an Oscar worthy actor. I saw that movie. Three-thumbs up.

It’s been a year-and-half since I have been on this site. This signifies moving on from a very true love match. For now  it is the same old profile, I am not sure yet if I am embracing the idea. Afterall living in the suburbs, surrounded by trees and one person you love, I had always thought it would happen more organically. Life is all just an experience.

“Everything that happens once can never happen again.But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”–Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


BUY ME: $2,495.00


There is nothing like a good re-introduction to the world. I brought the ottomans back to the custom workroom. That’s where the magic happens, they were striped down to the naked bone. I upholstered more simply this time with genuine bone colored supple-to -the-hand, leathe and dded more hardware with brass nailheads.  More is always more, that one of my tips you’ll see at That’s my store, log-on and buy-me.  The ottomans now are $2,495.00. Always remember you are buying a well executed idea. It comes at different prices at different times. My website is retail pricing, luxury product and is not cheap.

I have written to date 289 blogs and the majority of which I like to end in quote. I think Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.Wish me luck on Match. To make something a habit, you have to be at approximately 90-straight days. In 3-months, if you don’t love someone, you never will. It is probably more accurate to say if you don’t love someone immediately, he’s not it. The number is three. I have been on Match twice before, once with outstanding results. I am nearing in on 300-blogs. It goes without saying that strikes come in threes.   Three,  your-out! Or clear three diamond  bases and you’ll make a home run.  The average is one in every-three. I like the odds of that.

“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there”–Yogi Berra




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