Here’s what I know about the New York Observer, “chronicling the latest developments in finance, media, real estate, politics, society, tech and culture with an insider’s perspective, a keen sense of curiosity and a sharp wit. Aimed at a sophisticated readership of influential young urban professionals, it illuminates the characters behind the scenes of the nation’s economic and cultural industries, offering a real-time narrative of power, ambition and creativity.”

Here’s what they know about me:


Samantha Knapp

I was quoted September 30th, thank you 🙂 “What sets a square room apart from a box with four walls,” says Samantha Knapp. “it the details, be it molding, chair rails or beadboard. The outcome is a softer and warmer personalized space.

I said this to the author, Rebecca Morse, who’s assigment it was to capture the value pre-war architectural detail has in New York apartment buildings.  We connected through Wellbuilt’s Mitch Kidd ( The molding in the hallway a Wellbuilt add-on paired with  traditional styled David Hicks runner, I selected make this space.

I also like the projector, the reference to time and space. Old tradition stops at a point and New tradition takes place. It is how history repeats itself.  In the words of Ken Kesey; “It’s time to move on to the next step in the psychedelic revolution. We’ve reached a certain point, but we’re not moving any more.”

Good design affords me that opportunity. It can be said as much about a old piece of furniture becoming new, then it can about love.  It thrills me everyday that stands for that.

Thank you New York Observer for recognizing my expertise. Thank you New York Obsever that you recognizing me as a loyal, preservationist. Everything about, is about protecting and cherishing what we’ve got.

I pass on this lesson that hasn’t been published by me yet, Work with you have in life and go forward. That is the best you do.



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