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Make it your own homework. Practice the theory that if you give, you will receive. I do this almost everyday in one form or another. This week it brought me back into the classroom at Greenwich High School where I had the pleasure to speak to Mrs. Myer’s Interior Design class that on Tuesday meet at high noon. I have Cardinal pride. I am graduate.


I had a few things to say to the class which detailed my own coming of age and how it is possible to identify your dreams early and work toward them everyday. I shared with them that life has the same movement as the graphs they study in math. It is not always predictable, it has highs and lows but overall it is consistent. There are truths that keep us all moving and striving toward what we want out of life. The beginning is the declaration of what it is you want.


I affirmed another declaration of what I want out of life. I want to share my experience, to inspire other people to live, dream, create and share. I thank Mrs. Meyers and her wonderfully attentive class for listening and encouraging me. I gave and I received.

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It turns out the class, look at how awesome they all are in this picture, got something out of what I said too. Mrs. Meyer’s sent me this note:


“Thank you so much for speaking to my class today and sharing your story! You are an inspiration and while the students seemed quiet, I actually think their heads were spinning. You hit on several topics to get them thinking. “

I left the class with one final thought that I share with you:

“I want the freedom for the full expression of my personality”

-Mahatma Gandhi



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