JERRY MCGUIRE MANIFESTO #5: It’s Not Always Pretty

JERRY MCGUIRE MANIFESTO #5: It’s Not Always Pretty

photo copy 2

It is not always pretty. That’s an ugly picture of me. One of the worst taken, HA!  Laugh to business. You work hard, you dream all day and write that dream down every single solidarity night. Each night the dream gets stronger and your energy grows. You forget to sleep. Your body bursts with the idea that your very own brand will blow up any day now. That’s the dark bags under my eyes. Sleepless nights 🙂 Look at the picture. I am so tired and so happy.

I am sitting there, fuck yes I am!!! It took many years. That is an accomplishment. Right there! Sitting there in my booth at the Architectural Digest Home Show, Pier 94 baby ,New York Fuckn’ City. That’s the smile. That picture is taken of me & my executive assistant by a magazine no less. Our hugest accomplishment!  WAG Magazine.

Celebrate with us! Enjoy the link to WAG.


Abrham Lincoln say “If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are a his sincere friend.” Readers and followers, I applaud you.  I hope you consider me as much”



For more information visit our website,

#ONE LOVE or as Laura put it today. #DESIGNLOVE


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