From: Knapp Samantha <>


Date: March 18, 2013 9:39:20 PM EDT

To: Nichollas Araujo <>, Bays Laura <>, Knapp Bob <RJK02@OPTONLINE.NET>, Betsy Knapp <>

In total excitement, I start this letter to the team. There is so much to be proud of, I will pick a few instances to begin:

We secured a placement in New England Home Magazine. The article comes out on the 27th.

We strengthened and defined our brand further. Under the statement of “Hand Made, American, Artisan Crafted” we have successfully conceived,  produced or sampled 17 original furniture products. We have designed and created 13 pillow ideas and the umbrella sub-collection of Say It Loud.
We created  five blankets to go into the collection as well. All this has been done in artistic form true to our personal mission. Our collection is not Big Box. We are unique in our perspective and our ability to produce a collection in keeping with the historic them of collections, as seen in runway shows. Our pieces all work off each other. Incorporating natural fibers like cow-hides, sheep pelts and mixes them with lucite, metal, bolts, zippers we celebrate these combinations in design.

Special thanks include: Bob for tirelessly working on product development while juggling client projects (POWER) BK providing innovative ideas, questioning product development and working internally with clients to allow my energies to focus(LOVE). Laura for pushing through sickness, remaining dedicated, providing professional quality tear sheets (DEDICATION). The back for staying open minded and making alternations.

We made imaging a priority this week with the professional photo shoot, team biographies, photography in three special residential homes, created tear sheets for our products in photoshop for clarity, we looked into new invoicing system.


We brought Nick on board. Nick is young, ambitious and willing to learn. I envision him playing a role in financial development of the company. His goal will be to target growth opportunities and provide valuable feedback on the feasibility of those new opportunities based on date & research.

We were approached by an additional web-market, Mix Century- A New Vintage Marketplace. Consider the importance of this step in our growth. A launching company has identified our product as a valuable asset to their marketplace. We have a brand identity and one that has value to vendors. That is HUGE HUGE HUGE!


photo copy 2


We appeared on HGTV on Lara Spencer’s Flea Market Finds special. That alone lead to five phone calls reaching as far as Alaska. That is our reach folks, across the United States. We reach audiences in markets where we have never step foot, never breathed the air, never saw the sun set. These clients feel us close enough to make a connection. That is a powerful thought.


We go into this week with the AD Home Show on the horizon. YAHOO!!! Honestly, smile, big & deep, feel proud, feel accomplished. This is the moment. Let us seize it! May our good fortune that we have now hug us tight at this show.It is happening for a reason.

“Owen Meany believed that “coincidence” was a stupid, shallow refuge sought by stupid, shallow people who were unable to accept the fact that their lives were shaped by a terrifying and awesome design – more powerful and unstoppable than the Yankee Flyer. (a train)”
― John IrvingA Prayer for Owen Meany
Fore more information on Tiger Lily’s upholstery, interior design, custom furniture, the team, our growth..Log onto our website,

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