I am trying to grow my small business. I believe we can share more of this creative design experience we call Tiger Lily’s. I am taking the business class Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business. It is changing my approach. I offer this to share, my own style Jerry McGuire Manifesto” some names have crossed out to protect privacy.
Begin forwarded message:
From: Samantha Knapp <>
Subject: THE Bloom of Tiger Lily’s
Date: March 2, 2013 9:56:33 PM EST
To: Betsy Knapp <>, Knapp Bob <RJK02@OPTONLINE.NET>, Bays Laura <>
A full week wrapped up with huge movement. Movement to be proud of. We opened bigger doors that will increase purchase and growth.We had our first inquiry from 1stdibs (  The inquiry was impressive based on the specific internet search site. Tiger Lilys & Lucite… FOUND! The company that called to inquire about the lucite bench is none other then Mark Hampton. Lets put that in perspective( Mark Hampton is a multi-million dollar design firm that works internationally, in addition to nationwide. Laura is currently working on the customer service side of this inquiry and it is our goal to close that sale.
The 1stdibs audience is different then OKL & Gilt. The buyer who visits the 1stdibs website has disposable income that carries further then the impulsive buy. 1stdibs attracts luxury buyers. It is a luxury lifestyle brand and we made the right decision to establish ourselves in that market. The growth and discovery is slower, but the outcome is still lucrative even at slow growing pace. This first inquiry is well deserved and just the start.
One Kings Lane and Gilt are wonderfully responsive to our brand.  We have product that relates to customers with different price points. Gilt Home and One Kings Lane shares our custom work with there wonderful audience. It is amazing we are selling in these creative market places hosted on line. Thousands of people visit and shop. Amazing!
Participating at the National Arts Club has created a two-fold reward, this week. The lectures that I present on behalf of the Decorative Arts Committee grow stronger with time. We were honored to host Alex Papachristidis in late Feb. He is celebrated for his interior design, published and wonderfully open to share. He was a powerhouse. What a success.  I meets my goal o provide inspirational content to the club. It is the foundation of its existence and I am honored to be able to select cultural content on behalf of our integrity. It makes me proud.
It met Christopher Hyland at the club on Thursday. Friday, he called the store. This is yet another power house in the industry that is lining up with our brand.  He has achieved a lot in his design career among them the luxurious textiles he is famous for to the launch of his own media company. He is interested in featuring Tiger Lily’s in his web published magazine It is available exclusively as a $8.99 per issue download, making it more expensive than printed magazines. The focus this week will be developing that relationship with me working with Christopher Hyland personally. The story we are narrowing in on is “a new girl” in an “old tradition”  The story will focus on Tiger Lilys preserving the institution of the white glove custom one-of-a-kind workroom. In a young market where home owners buy simply at Restoration Hardware, Samantha Knapp exclusively celebrates the custom way.  This publication targets an elite crowd.
Bob surprised with a large scale effort to build our customer relationships in our community. He took a step to grow & secure our relationship to a local Interior Design firm. He went the extra mile buy servicing her at a project-site in an emergency. That is affirmation. Our brand is always there, to service our customers. We were able to communicate this brand image through emails. We made our client aware that Bob made their firm a number one priority. It helps change the way they think. I appreciate Bob’s awareness on the importance of retaining and growing our high end customer relationships. We want more clients like that. Bigger projects make more money long term the a one-day walk in.
BK took her energy outdoors and made in home calls. House visits, one-on-one with the client is good customer service. Any client that spends over $2,000.00 should be considered a wonderful client and a long term lead. They have earned our service. When a client meets that criteria, if we haven’t already, it is our new policy that we book a visit to the house. It is an incredible tool for sales. This is a special, earned opportunity to be inside someones home and help them create their best space. Customers moving forward should understand this policy, it means that we provide great customer service. We are engaged with our clients.
When possible, these relationship’s should be strengthened by media. We should take pictures for “before” and “after” opportunities to share. Our audience on line loves “before & after” reveals. It is an eye trick. I finally got the battery for the old camera. This week Julio can start this part of his job, documenting all “befores”.
Everyone at the store we employee, by the way, should share in the experience of our growth. We should schedule a quick party, even pizza to share our updates. Our goal should be that at least once a quarter we are hosting and engaged in a full employee meeting. Even if it is only food. It strengthens our network and commitment to the team. We should view the sewers and upholsters as employees capable for growth. It is fact, people work better when they are praised. We have the power to make this team work harder for us if we take the time to get truly involved. BK & Sam & Laura it is a goal to interact with everyone on the team this week using their first name. If you don’t know it, learn it. These are the people that are going to help make us rich. We need to recognize and appreciate them for higher output.
Walk ins are growing.  It us up to us to recognize this. I think it is important at least as we start to grow to take a count of the amount of walk ins. We need to understand these clients, why they are coming in–how they learned of us– and the possibility that this relationship could end in a sale. Communication on the floor by the sales team is the personal experience we have built our client base on. There is always surprise growth in that area. ##, ## and ## all started as walk ins. On Monday lets try to take a tally and keep track.
Speaking of  “keep track.”  I am proud to say our organizational & scientific approach to sales began to grow. Laura has created and promise to take the lead on the track of customer call-ins. We have started to fill out a grid on our blackboard to track new calls and how they lead. It is amazing to think that we have enough people in this category to begin to study the trend. That is acknowledgment & growth of our brand right there!
Ok I think I gave a lot to think about. Keep Thinking & Believing.

“Our job is not to figure out the how. The how will show up out of a commitment and belief in the what”


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