BEFORE & AFTER: Baby French Caned Daybed

BEFORE & AFTER: Baby French Caned Settee

I have had this settee in my inventory at Tiger Lily’s Greenwich for over three-years. It is a funny thing about an interior decorator who also has to work for a living, they obsess over the bills and getting paid.  The settee was three-years of lost money. I had to do something.


The settee below had a faux finish of what I can only call, color-blind novice work–my own, mind you—beige/brown. The upholstery: Rogers & Goffigon. Fabric alone on the piece was over $200.00 a yard back in 2006! The trim is a super traditional loop tassel. Everything needed to be changed. 




TADA: Here’s that same piece of funiture by 2013 standards. The color has gray overtones with highlights of white. This is my work and much more experienced, idf I do admit. The trick is to start with the dark color first, sand and then come in with the lighter color, in this case white, as a highlight. The fabric is a Robert Allen ikat. Robert Allen is an amazing go to source for affordable, current fabrics. The upcompany has significantly upped its game in the last two years. This print retails for under $70.00 a yard and has a look well over $200.00. The colors on settee pop the pattern. It sold four-weeks later on Gilt. Shop their sales and look for me:


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