Head-chairs have to have height, right? If you want to make them bold, make them big! The best part about reupholstering an old piece is you have the opportunity to make some alterations. I picked up a pair of english tudor style chairs along the way and kept them refinished and in fresh muslin in my custom workroom, Tiger Lilys Greenwich ( for a few years.


When I came across Windsor Smith’s collection for Kravet featuring the Leisi Paisley, I knew I found the right fit. It is a wonderful grand scale with a medallion type feel in a cotton and viscose blend. The blend is a durable upholstery quality.  It retails for $129.00 a yard . To make the most of the scale, I wanted to use it on a piece of furniture that shows the entire pattern but doesn’t devour too much fabric. The great thing about upholstered head chairs is they can make a huge statement for under three-yards each.


First I changed the height of the chair from standard to 51″ high to incorporate the full fabric repeat. To do that, we opened up the back of the chair cut the wooden frame in the mid-section and added height from there, then reupholstered. From there I worked off a piece of the fabric to create a painted leg finish that added age and a pop of color. The first step was a gray base, then I sanded each layer and added a creamy white paint on the base until I achieved a distressed finish.


I finished the chairs with decorative nailheads in nickel. It completes the finish and adds one more decorative, custom element.


The final result was a reimagined head chair.  For more information on custom upholstery, one-of-a-kind furniture touches or custom pieces, visit our website,


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