NYIGF: Design Legacy

I’m in the interesting position to look at the vendors at the New York International Gift Fair from a few different angles.  I look at them as an editor and am always thinking about not only what I like but what I think my readers will enjoy.  I look at each booth as an interior designer and if there is anything that I could ever use in my projects.  I also try to think about what I would want to buy if I owned a store.  That’s a little overwhelming though and I bow down to all the people who have to spend everyday at the gift show figuring out what to buy and how much.

Even if you are doing none of these things, I think you can also appreciate how much work goes into styling all the booths.  One of the most exciting and a little bit over the top is Design Legacy.  I can’t believe how many products they pack into this booth and all the interesting accessories and furniture they sell.  I found a lot of great things including some vintage inspired wood chairs and the hand hooks.  The circus themed items would make amazing party decorations too.  Enjoy!

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

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