From 90201 to 06830: The Skin-ny on Ian Ziering…

Talking Tigerlily’s: 90210 to 06830 with Ian Ziering


The Talk at Tigerlilys last week was our friend Ian Ziering. We went face to face with Ian literally about his days at the baby faced blond, red-corvette driving super teen with a zip code that surpassed Greenwich and the UES, to his next popular step where he tangoed his way into the American’s rhythmatic hearts on season four of Dancing With Stars, to a new venture that has him looking right at the man in the mirror.

“If I know something well, I can speak passionately, and enthusiastically about it,” Ian told Talking Tigerlilys.  Under the bright lights of Hollywood where beauty is as much with-in as skin deep, Ian has kept pace. “Everyone always tells me how young I look, and at 45, I consider that a pretty big compliment.  Of course I’d like to thank my parents first, but good genes can only go so far. While traveling in “Hollywood” circles, you can be sure I’ve tried every cream, scrub and magic potion there is out there to keep my appearance competitive.   Galvanic Spa and I was shocked at how much better it looked than the other side. My pores were tighter, my skin tone was radiant and texture was smoother”.

So impressed with the results of NU SKIN and Galvanic Spa Treatment, Ian is sharing his success with the product and helping others turn back the hand of time. He gave me a first hand treatment and while I won’t traumatize readers with a before and after shot of my bare-naked skin, I will give you the SKIN-ny on the results. It were stunning and I spent the next few days comparing the left and right side of my face while trying to avoid getting mistaken for the Phantom of the Opera. I looked half-perfect half-battered. My left eye, looked like a power-lunch mini eye brow lift that was so noticeable, that BK hasn’t stopped gabbing about how she will be next!

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Nicole Cucino joined us next to help our walls talk. Part of the dynamic team behind Graham and Brown she shared the secrets of wallpaper while showcasing the newest trends in the company’s collection.


  • DO choose wallpaper in a bold color.  Hanging wallpaper is much quicker than painting several layers of paint to achieve the same results.
  • DO consider the ceiling.  An interesting pattern on the ceiling can liven up a room.
  • DO consider coordinating patterns.  One bold Feature Wall looks great with a complimentary pattern on the other 3 walls.
  • DON’T censor yourself.  Paste the Wall wallpaper removes in full strips, so it’s not a lifetime commitment.  Pick a pattern that shows some personality!
  • DON’T be afraid to try it in an apartment.  If you use a clear primer, the wallpaper will strip easily when your lease is up.
  • DON’T forget the small spaces.  Using wallpaper to cover a book case, in a closet, or even in a small entryway is a clever way decorate.


  • The Lux Look.  Designer patterns and rich colors are back stronger than ever.  Wallpaper gives you the unique ability to use metallics and get great pattern into your home in a way that paint just can’t match.
  • Masculine Patterns.  Gone are the days of your grandma’s wallpaper.  The new wallpaper patterns are chic geometrics, bold stripes, and strong floral blooms.
  • Black and White and Purple all over.  Whether it be solid black with high gloss accents, strong Black and White, or a punch of Purple, this year’s hottest fashion trends are coming off the runway straight into your living room!


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