Design on a Dime…Deck of cards earns Dimes???

Design on A Dime: An idea that WORKS…

The Talk at Tigerlily’s is always on the Home and how “Housing Works!” It is why the non-profit that bares the same namesake is so important to us. The concept brainstormed over twenty years ago was a simple one, provide for those in need soup to nuts. From housing, to health care;  job training to legal services, Housing Works has made a tremendous impact on the blight of the homeless in the New York Metropolitan area.

With a tried and sophisticatedly spiced business model, Housing Works has generated revenue for its causes through nearly a dozen retail spaces in New York.  The shops are creatively merchandised to appeal not only to those who consistently shop for bargains but for the many who may not otherwise walk into shop with gently used offerings. I am huge fan of the space and especially the Yorkville location near my Upper East Side apartment and easy access to Greenwich, CT day-trippers. The treasures uncovered pull from a chest like exotic jewels. High-profile designer clothing mix with antique furnishings ripe for reupholstery and reuse.


I am not the only one who juggles the virtue of giving back with an incredible opportunity to create Housing that Works for myself and for others. Design heavy hitters like Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Jaclyn Smith, Charlotte Moss and more are all behind this year’s sixth-annual Design on a Dime interior design charity extravaganza on May 6th that raises money for Housing Works. Held this year at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 West 18th in New York City, this year’s event brings together 50 of the world’s top interior designers to create unforgettable room vignettes with new merchandise, donated and then sold for 50 to 70 percent off retail pricing. Design on a Dime kicks off with a VIP sneak-preview shopping event on Thursday, May 6 from 6 PM to 9 PM for $150.  On May 7 & May 8 the event opens to the public free of charge to Shop Shop Shop!

We all know that saying first come first serve… so to get the best deals, you’ve got to be the first in the door on Opening Night! For more information visit the website:

For more on Housing Works, I chatted with the Richard Vorisek, the president of the organization to learn how  Decorating on a Dime turns into Dollars for Housing Works:


From Designing on a Dime to earning those dimes! Poker4Life founded by Ethan Ruby and Jeremy Schwartz in 2005 is a deck of cards filled with charity, personal pursuit and the idea that Power of Poker can bring about change for players and people in need. The mission, according to Ruby who we chatted with to on Talking Tigerlily’s is to provide a forum for professional, celebrity and everyday poker players to come together and support causes they believe in while playing a game they enjoy.

Ethan is family. His story is incredible, stacked with adversity and the will to find passion and meaning in life following a severe accident that left him confined to a wheel chair. A college athlete, Ethan’s life changed on route to his post-school Wall Street job when he was hit by a car on Orchard Street.   It was then that he needed to find a competitive outlet that made him feel that he was an equal in the field, and poker came back into his life. “You roll up to that table and the wheelchair doesn’t matter,” he said. “It’s your mind against anybody else’s, and I like my odds in that situation.”  Ruby’s odds are a winning hand. He placed second out of 445 players in the 6th annual World Poker Tour (WPT) Invitational held in Los Angeles in March 2008. He is leading by example and using his success as a poker player to spread the positive power of poker. Money raised through Poker4Life goes to Spinal Cord Injury.

Next week, Poker4life .org looks to cash in on its charity event at the Manhattan Automobile Company. Tickets are still available on the website, poker4life.0rg. Star studded with the likes of NBA’s David Lee, to first time players the event has something for everyone including the opportunity to learn form the experts for card-minnows like me! Great door prizes and an opportunity to plat at the World Series of Poker main event, this is a most attend event. To hear more listen to our chat on Talking Tigerlily’s.


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