West Coast Weighs In

I recently chatted with the King of West Coast Creativity, Barclay Butera.  Famed, fashionable and trend setter in luxury decorating, Barclay Butera puts California sunshine in any room from the rain drenched west to the green spaces of Greenwich CT.  Sharing his story of success and the creative inspirations, we chatted about the amazing path on which he has built his name into highly recognizable and sought after brand. Butera shares a family passion for decorating and like me has an inspirational mother who set the pace teach him the tricks of the trade. From that starting point, he has carefully and creatively made his own way by using fashion elements and couture in his designs.
He shares these tips:
Wallpaper adds depth and texture to a room.

Combine color (esp. different shades of the same family), pattern and texture in unexpected ways.

Use an area rug as a grounding aspect to a room.  Above living room features Tartan pattern by Barclay for Kravet.
Every room requires a splash of red.
For more info, check out Barclay’s website http://www.barclaybutera.com. You can also view and select prints, textured solids and color stories from his creative partnership with Kravet. We carry the collection at Tigerlily’s Greenwich!

For more on the show, listen to the pod cast below. If you have any questions, topics you want to cover, please reach out to us via our websites tigerlilysgreeenwich.com, samanthaknapp.com, talkingtigerlilys.com



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