Help For Haiti

Help For Haiti

While a distant problem, it is not beyond a local solution. We all have the power and the purse to do what we can to recognize the truly leveling course of events that has the already impoverished Haiti down on its knees.

I will be attending the attached event and hope to see many familiar faces and new ones who understand that community is the basis for all great things. When recognizing and supporting the efforts of our own, we do in fact showcase what is truly wonderful about America and what can begin to develop for Haiti. Phoenix Rising from the gift of giving in a devastated region forced to start anew.


2 thoughts on “Help For Haiti

  1. Samantha, I had not seen your blog before and just ran into it out of pure serendipity. What you have wrote above is a beautiful statement!
    Community really is the basis for all great things, indeed, if one understands the power of community. You do and please join us again at our gallery. You are always welcome.

    Fernando Luis Alvarez


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