Greenwich Glam Girl Picks the Classics!


ecWho better to dish on Hollywood’s golden age in cinema then tinseltown insider and our friend Afton Fraser?  Known by friends and family as a encyclopedia of classic movie stars, story lines and cinematography… Afton shares her passion with a broader base in the book “Hollywood Picks the Classics.”  As Afton tells Talking Tigerlily’s, her early childhood memories are of watching black and white movies and dressing up as a young scarlet. Today, Afton looks like a scarlet of years past but carries the sensibilities of what entertains the modern women.  “Themes from old movies are the same themes that we deal with in everyday life and see in the block busters that command the silver screen today, ” Fraser says.
pic.phpAs for her favorites, Afton rattles a list like the roster on a pro-athletic team. From Lauren Bacall to Humphrey Bogart to movies like The Maltese Falcon and Love Affair; all of these images define a generation that Afton Fraser carefully puts together for easy reading and visual enjoyment.  Having finished this genre, Afton tells us she is ready to tackle the Classics for Kids!

Lets not forget decorating. I am helping Afton create a space inside her beautiful home that expresses the bring Hollywood Glam to Greenwich.


HOLLYWOOD PICKS THE CLASSICS focuses on the movies of the Golden Age from 1930 to 1960; breaks down the movies into categories such as Film Noir, Romance, Good Guys/Bad Guys, and Damsels and Dames; and gives the must-sees in each category. Also included is a yearbook of the stars and directors from the movies described. HOLLYWOOD PICKS THE CLASSICS includes plot synopses, casts and crews, famous quotes, trivia, facts about the stars and awards, and behind-the-scenes gossip. But what makes this book unique are the dozens of personal top-ten favorite lists from Hollywood stars, directors, and writers. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of pictures, many of which have never been seen, jam-packed with information, and with an introduction by screen legend Esther Williams, HOLLYWOOD PICKS THE CLASSICS is an entertaining and visually exciting guide for the film novice as well as the film buff.


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