Muse on a Museum

Muse on a Museum

Rouges Gallery

Michael Gross’ new book “Rogues Gallery: The Secret History of the Moguls & the Money they made the Metropolitan Museum” is a true muse into the interworks and relationships that built the cultural empire that sits on 5th Avenue.  The best selling author know for his interpretation of the exclusive lifestyles of the rich and famous in books like 740 Park and Genuine Authentic, Gross now turns his attention to to what he describes and a social and philantrophic playground of the people his had formerly profiled.

Rogues Gallery

In Gross words, his research for this book, meet with adversity in gallery hall and silenced contributors: “Regardless, he will take his secrets to the grave-at least until his full oral history emerges(Dietrich Von Bothmer), if it ever does.  The Metropolitan Museum is a storehouse of human memory. But it appeared, that day at least, it would just as soon its own be erased.”

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