I want the cookie in this cookie jar!!

YOU & ME Cookie

No matter how this cookie crumbles, the taste is great! The Young Collectors are thrilled the ladies behind You&Me Cookie have a sweet tooth for the Greenwich Historical Society. The team behind the amazing tasting treat are going to share their bites and their story with us.


In 2009 two Larchmont, New York moms, Heather Mahland and Kyle de Lasa, started You&Me Cookie, the company behind the JUMBLE.  Armed with a grandmother’s cookie recipe they decided to share their treats with others. “I have been making JUMBLE cookies with my Grandma forever and when Kyle suggested I sell them rather than always give them away, we started to get excited about creating a cookie business!” explained Heather.

Heather & Kyle had three common goals that led to the creation of You&Me Cookie.  Firstly they wanted to introduce a healthier dessert or snack option to their families and friends. Heather and Kyle wanted to offer a high quality cookie with pure ingredients and both believe that food should be fresh. Their mantra is buy them, eat them, enjoy them . . no more packaged products that are filled with preservatives.  Grape Nuts Cereal™ and oatmeal are packed with fiber and that adds to the nutritional value.

The second goal was to make a nut free cookie. One of Kyle’s sons is allergic to nuts and she was hesitant about buying fresh baked cookies at the local stores. “We want to be able to offer cookies that we know are nut free.”

Their third goal was to be able to stay local.  Heather and Kyle wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on their community.  “This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to do something we enjoy and get to know our community better,” Kyle states.  Friends are constantly passing by on baking days to have a hot cookie and a cup of coffee.  Parents are also grateful to have the option to add a healthy home baked cookie to their kids’ school lunches.


You can find You&Me Cookies at Plum Pure Foods in Cos Cob, CT as well as a sampling at the Young Collectors debut party Nov.6th at Beacon Hill of Greenwich.


Everyone wants Heather & Kyle to introduce a new flavor, but they feel very good about this cookie.  It’s delicious, the packaging is clean and attractive and everybody loves them. “We do one thing and we do it right!”


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