Touch of Grey: New Fall Collection!

I am thrilled to announce the debut of my new collection of pillows: Touch of Grey for Fall 2009 available at A little disclaimer depending on when you check the website, adding the collection is still a work in progress. It is an exciting but time consuming challenge to run a one-person small business where you are in charge of everything from design conception to marketing material, etc. Below is the start of the photo shoot to show off the new collection!

Samantha KNappA few minutes later, using fabric we had in house, a new set!IMG_0648If you’ve ever modeled you might already know this… it is not as easy as it looks. To not only make your fingers and toes look relaxed while in a position that is not comfortable but made to look so is worth a day’s salary! With no stylist on board, I have to hope that my hair, pillows and posture are dead-on! Let me tell you all that at once makes the temperature go up a thousand degrees. Suddenly you’re shvitzed!


Outfit change!  This 1940s flapper style dress reflected the inspiration I had for the pillows. I wanted a high glamor, very sophisticated feel in the collection.


I am truly proud of the collection and hope it brings meaning and expression into a hundreds of homes!

For more check out: and if they are not there today, try again tomorrow. Remember I am one man band 🙂


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