Now That Makes Scents!

Samantha Knapp

Now That Makes Scents!

Millions of marketing dollars go into out-door scented products from fabric softeners, to candles, to “Oust,” a manipulated scent in a can.  It’s clear Mother Nature outshines the home boy climate controlled ventilation system that circulates through a house!

Walk into a bachelor pad and more often that not, you are wowed by the whiff.  It generally is a cross between sweaty socks, body odor, Mary Jane party-puff and patchouli oil. The later is usually the last in the equation and a weak attempt to cover the other outlining smells.

Not to turn an Al Pacino blind eye, the “Scent of a Woman.”   The is also predictable in her pad. Vanilla scented candles and potpourri mix with the latest perfume from designers or celebrities trying to brand their names.

If this is all starting to smell a little rotten it is time for a fresh scent.  Go back to the basics, my friends, back to the great outdoors!  Open a window or buy into the product hype.   The smell of outdoor crisp air in your bachelor pad or ladies lounge, now that makes scents!



One thought on “Now That Makes Scents!

  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before you addressed this topic. Now I can assure you that my place does not reek of any body odor or drugs. I don’t use any scented spray cans either. Instead, it usually takes on the smell of the colognes that I use. It varies, too, as I usually change up the cologne I use once in a while. Like now, it smells like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and before that it was Ralph Lauren Romance, and before that Kenneth Cole Black, CK One, and Polo Blue respectively, among other colognes. I open up my window sometimes, like when it is fresh and breezy outside, but only at night.


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