He’s Going for the Girls Next Door!

Going For the Girl Next DoorGoing for the Girl’s Next Door! 

So you think you’re the Cat’s Meow and all the cats you currently live with are your puss & boot posse. The Feline Frock  purrs when you stay home in flannel pjs and bunny slippers, hisses at men as they would a pack of rabid dogs and scratches the eyes out of guy who dares come to the door.  The purfect-relationship sends your guy running to Heffner’s Girls Next Door!

Cat-a-gorically speaking, too many cats puts you in line with Edie and Little Edie of Gray Gardens fame.   There is something about having more then one cat as a single woman that can send out the wrong message. Cat-lady, spinster, scorned singleton… call it what you like. The  smell of the litter acts as a repellent to keep all eligible bachelors away.

Hello Kitty! While you may love your feline friends, you have to ask yourself if you are sending out a message that keeps you from meeting the man of your dreams. In the words of John Updike, Rabbit Run.  Be a little more bunny, because remember men are all dogs!



Bachelors and Single Ladies please sound off. Send me funny stories about dating and single life that pertains to your living situation and be featured on my blog!!!


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