No Bull about Bedding!

No Bull

Taking the Bull by the Horn

Here’s how the legend goes:

There once was a single man who bought plaid bedding to seem as big as Paul Bunyan in bed.  He spread the scotch plaid from sheets to pillow shams and then headed to the bar for a drink.  Be it luck of the Scotts or the Irish, he kissed and talked cuddles to one lucky lady.  Eventually he lured her to his bed.  She was deep in the moment head under the sheets until she glimpsed the square pattern on the sheets. The plaid of a bachelor pad blare brightly in her eyes and she then knew what she had to do. Blinded she dressed and quickly ran away, leaving the bachelor quite blue!

No bull buddy, loose the plaid flannel bed sheets. They make any man seem like a singleton who carried the sheets straight from his college dorm room to his current living space.  Lack of concern for bedding is a lack of concern for what happens in the bedroom. 

Don’t loose sleep, this image can easily change with new bed sheets. Choose a set that is 100% cotton. The alluring price of polyster or rayon blend bedding may at first glance grab your attention but it is important to keep in mind those blends never soften to a snuggle feeling.

Chose cotton and chose wisely. Muslin blends are the low end of the cotton spectrum. They are generally used in children’s character theme bedding and if you chose that route, you might as well stay-put in the plaid.  Pima, Supima and Egyptian are Gucci, Channel and Prada of cottons. The differences are geographical only. Pima is grown in the southwestern part of the U.S. and Egyptian is grown along the Nile River. Thread count on this type of cotton is 200 and beyond and makes for soft, inviting and desirable bedding.  Silk is another strong option for welcome and warmth.  Keep the colors crisp, clean and neutral. 

She will definitely feel you in bed!


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