Listen Ladies: Don’t Bear It All!



Don’t Bear It All!

I have spent a lot of time bashing bachelors for living like heathens in the blazing confines of Singleton H-ll. Until this point a ladies touch has been the tip of a magic wand to create a living space of heaven on earth.  But what if the girls next door is more single spinster than playboy bunny?

Can she have a fighting chance? Ladies, it is time to raise the red flag on the  signs that say we are desperate for marriage, destine for a second rate relationship or doomed to live with cats for eternity.

Avoid the following:

  • A stuffed animal collection complete with a talking Teddy Ruxpin who plays positive affirmations about the man-to-woman dating pool.  “I am Teddy Ruxpin, I mean a dashing prince… Can you and I be friends?”
  • The framed pictures of the one that got away? True you were voted most likely to get married in high school. But, ten-years post prom, the picture is as faded as the dried carnation crosage pinned to the frame. 
  • Is your bedroom, ripped from childhood with pink bedding, a ruffled bedskirt, toiles and lace?

It is as natural to us to want our delicate comforts as it is for bachelor’s to gravitate toward beach babe posters and gaming machines.  Still, a single girl’s style should be carefully put together with added attention to the possibility that at some point a man might just enter your spinster space. 

If there is any wonder to what you think about a bachelor’s stylistic set up. It maybe time to look at that mirror you reserve for counting the wrinkles on your face. A pink princess palace, really does bare it all!



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