Bachelor Pad Stories and Such!


To many or any of my readers, I have dedicated a good portion of this blog to the funny tidbits, true characteristics and all around knowing signs of bachelorism.  I ran out of scoop friends given that I hardly date and have no bachelor friends! So please drop a line, drop a picture and chat along with me….

As the New York Times suggested in this Saturday’s business section it could get us all a book deal!


One thought on “Bachelor Pad Stories and Such!

  1. I’m still here Samantha! And I must say, I am feeling pretty good and proud of myself right now because I do not possess any of these bad habits or made the mistakes that you have described thus far. No alcohol laying around, no dirty clothes, no stains, clean clothes, clean sheets, do laundry every week, lots of nice, clean, new clothes and sneakers/dress shoes in the closet…

    Very interesting and informative thoughts. I enjoy reading your blog posts.


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