Last Call for Alcohol

our-beer-wallLast Call for Alcohol


Duck Duck Grey Goose! He is it! Around and around in circles he goes with one hand on a bottle of liquor and the other on a beer can.  A bachelor and his boozes is the modern day equivalent to a knight and his sword. Where polished armor and chain mail once lured the ladies to his side, the single guy uses alcohol as the tools of his trade.

Be it your buzz comes with beer goggles or your comedic side shines when your sloshed men are sometimes armed and dangerous with drinks in their hands. Generally the can cracks open at happy hour and carries on long into the night.


Garry of Port Chester says, “The key to a good bar is to have exotic bottles in your collection. They are talking points.  Display a few bottles that have an aesthetics that is deeper then their alcohol content.  It tricks girls into thinking that getting them bombed is not part of the master plan. The ladies love to see wine coolers and light beers in the fridge. It makes them think you are thinking of them.” 

 rumIs the uber chic style bottle of Cuban Rum any better then say Capt. Morgan’s with Coke?


Nick from California disagreed to with the alcohol allure. If it is good, it’s for the guys. Imported beers fly off the shelf at his house. They have purpose and nothing is for show.


My fridge is basically empty as is my liquor closet, he says. “Save for some OJ for when I do buy Vodka, water and Gatorade for post drinking hydration and a few cans of cheap beer, such as Budweiser.  The good stuff is stocked and consumed, but the bad stuff will linger.”


Not to be a win-o in this drinks at the bachelor pad debate, but there are a few things that can kill any girl’s buzz.  No one wants to come into an apartment with a collection of beer bottles lining the shelving and the wall. While it may come with some old school single guy’s tall tale of a night worthy of frat-party proportions, it gives you a label bigger than a can.

The the wall of drinking woes is a statue salute. It is the Emmy to an award winning part of his life that has no reference to post-college adult life. This room is a net for a booze fish and he is trapped inside!

Old bottles lined up and consuming all your counter space is another worry for woman. She wonders just how much this guy drinks and whether his liver will last.


I am all for tying one on. Just make sure the evidence doesn’t tie you to an incriminating bachelor pad!



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