All that Glitters is not Gold!




All that Glitters is Not Gold


We all have skeletons in our closets. There’s the time you woke up to one night stand, the time you said something cruel to a friend and the decade you dressed like Kurt Cobain in flannels and corduroy.  The Seattle grunge scene trashed many closets and evidence in many a bachelor pads is still is balled up in the dark corners of the top shelf.


Since we don’t shop a lot says one bachelor friend, “We keep everything and wear everything well beyond the first stain and hole.”


“Guys like to keep there clothes on wire hangers. The shirts are all falling off”, and says Alexis in Miami, “I had one boyfriend who stuffed so much in his closet; there were actually gym shorts on hangers. He wore them like they were some sort in style uniform, low ride style with an oversized tee-shirt. Every time we went out I would have agita over what he had on!”


Unless you’re keen on dressing from the emperor’s, there is something you should know. All that glitters is not gold. In other words rotating between three or four of your favorite digs isn’t medal worthy. You might like look of your favorite worn wife beater, but the stains are gross!


The first tip to cleaning out your closet is to throw away anything that is ripped, damaged or has spots reminiscent of dried food.  Fraternity mixer tee-shirts and the half dozen elastic stretched meshed shorts belong back in college.  The bedroom closet is not a catch all for misc. sports equipment, glory day’s memorabilia or rolled up posters from Sports Illustrated.  


Once you whittle down the wardrobe it is time for a try-on. Try every item on in front of mirror. Truthfully evaluate how it looks without convincing your-self that it looks good enough to avoid a shopping trip. Things that don’t fit, don’t make the second cut.


Replace the old with the new. Every guy’s closet should have clean dress sneakers, running sneakers, clean flip flops and at least two pairs of polished dress shoes. Stick with natural fiber clothing when buying something new in cotton, linen and wool unless it is gym cloths. Nice fitting khakis, jeans, shirts, cardigan and track jacket complete the look.  Girls like a guy who can dress down in a thermal and hooded sweatshirt on weekend days and kick up to a tee-shirt and blazer at night!

Dress to impress. Clean up your closet. That’s how to make them Red with Envy!





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