Clothes Call

The No Spin Zone

Clothes Call

To avoid your dirty laundry airing in the street, or among all the girls in the Sex in the City circle your girl rolls with, clean your clothes.  Otherwise, your reputation has the potential to down right stink. Let it be known that just like a stain, a bad reputation sticks.


A bachelor notes doing laundry, “is a fancy way of saying I shoved all my clean clothes into one drawer.” That is coming from a guy who actually owns a washing machine. Others let the laundry pile up in corners while they wait for quarters from lottery tickets, cigarettes and tolls to accumulate.


Once there is enough change to pay for a load of laundry down the street, the singleton carefully selects what items make the laundry load, by walking from pile to pile with a gym bag, sniff-testing the items and mentally categorizing the urgent to unnecessary.


Nick says bed sheets generally stay dirty. “Washing sheets can sometimes get put off when it is laundry time. Too big, takes up too much time and are easily put off, especially when dating multiple girls.”


We will keep that dirty little secret, but hope that these men will join the average household in washing about 50-pounds of laundry a week or six-thousand items a year. Shocked by the industry statistic?


Let me assist. Shirts with stains, socks wore more than once, work out tee-shirts, winning jerseys, favorite pillow cases, baby blankets, towels and every day lounge wear qualify. Dump them in the machine and hit spin. For those things that are not washer-dryer safe, there is mom and pop shops all over the country that dry clean.


Selecting a washing machine may also be a good start. Look for the energy start label which uses less power and water. Consider a front load washer. It is gentler on clothes and use up to 36% less water and 60% less energy than top loaders.  Fight your stains by going green. Laundry detergents made from natural, biodegradable ingredients reduce the polluting surfactants like alkylphenol ethoxylates, or APEs into the environment.


Wash your clothes so your relationship won’t be a wash.





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