Window Watcher

Window Watcher

Window Watcher

If you took the cliché, “window to the soul” to be literal, then a bachelor’s pad soul could be void, simple, austere, bare boned.


Jane Capellini of Capellini Design Associates has decorated multi-million dollar bachelor pads on the Connecticut coastline and has discovers the lack of window treatments is a key element of the bachelor bond. “You will not find too many window treatments at his living quarters!  They typically like the views, feel it is a total waste of money and unnecessary.”


Shed a little light on the single guy’s window and you will discover one of the following. He may have the last tenant’s window treatment still hanging from the sill. That could be a polyester valance with decorative trim or Venetian blinds on a traverse rod.  To update the look, he may switch the blinds from vertical to horizontal. The switch is a lateral move. At this angle and made of plastic, they buckle under pressure and collect enough dust to make the filthy window molding look like a sterilize hospital room. Yet another popular option is the nailed up afghan rug, flat bed sheet, beach towel or India inspired tapestry. This option conceals all light. The space becomes this time warped man cave where days blend into night.  For ladies, the tip here is he’s frozen in time with no relationship perspective in sight.


Hate to be a window-pane here but the view from the inside isn’t scenic or picturesque.  There are several easy approaches to add wow to your windows. If blinds are what you are after, bamboo or wooden shades have a similar function in a cleaner aesthetic. Custom roman shades in neutral tone linens or soft wools can added an extra level of sophistication. Don’t be afraid of ceiling to floor draperies. Here go for a simple rod in either metal or finished wood with simple finials or return rods. The rods in the room should all match and be hung just over the tip of the window molding with panels on either side that are long enough to skim the ground. High water drapes look cheap!  A drapery treatment can go a long way in concealing old molding or any imperfections with the window…ie cracks and peeling paint!


Open up to a new window treatment just might open up your soul!



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