Mr. Potato Head

Couch Potato Mr.  Potato Head

Brain of vegetable, no-one has ever accused Mr. Potato Head of being smart. He’s stupid rather than savvy and so lazy, the disorder of shamelessly slothing on the couch for a 24-hour marathon gaming session or entire sports seasons is attributed to his name. The definition of couch potato is a bachelor whose head gets so inflated with airwaves that in time it begins to resemble the Hasbro silly faced spud.


Todd from Virginia has lost his head all together, mistaking the sofa for a table. “We always eat on the couch,” he says. “Furniture serves as a function, you sit or lie in a sofa, doesn’t matter what color it is!”


Or does it?

Loose the Leather


“You know you’re in a dirty bachelor pad when he has a coordinating glass coffee table with black legs to match that black leather sofa.  Gross!  Run!” says Cathy from Darien.

Sit on the sofa, in the event that the truth here makes you weak in the knees. The leather sofa you love, that in most cases in black, has cushions that somehow attach to the back of the seat in tiered layers is trash. Black leather couches are predictable and the matching Lazboy recliner looks like it belongs in a trailer park where space is limited and furnishings like a chair and ottoman out of necessity need to be combined into one recliner.


For most companies to come in a price point that won’t have the leather lover having their very own cow, the guts of the sofa are more often then not filled with foam and Dacron. Those two materials are stiff to the touch and compound the slide factor of the already sleek-icy leather surface. No girl can envision a snuggle-session on that three-seat sofa.


Mohair, chenille, linen, cotton or silk velvet are all pliable options. On a contemporary frame with a tight back, loose down & feather seat you can create a soft inviting seating area. Neutral tones just shy of black compliment the sofa’s shape, texture and size.


Custom or high end sofa can start at five-thousand and increase based on decorative touches from there. But when all is said and done, you ditch the leather and get the lace!




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