In the Dog House

Sam & Smeagie


Every dog has his day and when you single and alone chances are everyday has a dog. The four legged guys are essential for going to the park, for loyalty, companionship and picking up other animal lovers. Girls, including this author lean toward full breed lap-dogs unless they are hippie chicks with huskies. Guys, lean toward rescue mutts, unless they’re mister-sisters, divorced or have unique soft spot for tea-cups and miniatures.


Fritch calls his dog, “The most important thing in the house. So, nobody is allowed to move her toys except for her.” 


There is a fine line between your pad staying your palace or your pouches paradise. It should go without saying your dog should be housebroken. There is nothing like walking into a space that smells like a litter box without a cat. Lets’ save the cat lady jokes and remain focused. The furnishings should not second as chew toys. Ripped pillows, blankets, and gnawed chairs make it look like your dog is manic and calling the shots. Only a total lack of control and laziness to train your dog can explain a chewed up home.  Dog hair blanketing your bed, sofa, chairs or rug makes even a sasquatch uncomfortable.


It’s been said that people often resemble their pets.  The best-in-show love their dogs and respect their living space. Anything less, you’ll be in the dog house!





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