Make Way For The Bad Boy….

The Bachelor's Bible 

Make Way For The Bad Boy


Long before there was Tony Robbins packing 10-thousand seat seminars as a life coach, there was Tony Montana. His word became gospel in 1983; Scarface a philosophical bible to bachelors everywhere.


Just as Buddhists have their statues and Christians have their cross, Singletons have their posters. Belief in the three-tier credo, “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women,” is on display either on the living room or bedroom wall.


This poster-child doesn’t limit his wall décor to Scarface. He incorporates the black and white grainy into a man themed collection of playboy babes and sports roll models all in glossy 72” x 24” squares on display.


I always tell the truth even when I lie.  You won’t get the girl even with the money if you live like this.  Posters all over your house are more hokey then hustler. Hot-chicks hanging in the living room won’t get any girls into your bedroom. Pictures Air-Jordan on the jump or Tiger Woods once you’re finally in the bedroom are bromantic, suggesting you’ve got sights on more than woman in sexual relationships.


Wall art is for more than idolizing your demy-gods. Take advantage of your wall space to make a statement about who you are. If you have a hobby or passions consider framed pictures in collections of three. This could range from black white photographs of the city to vintage automobiles.  To add color, modern art on big canvasses makes a contemporary statement and takes up considerable wall space. Mirrors are also essential element to wall hangings. Nicely framed and in proportion, they can redefine a living space.


Once you decide on the hangings it is important to find the center focal point and work the lay out from there. To hang groups of small pictures, keep the spacing even and consistent. Patterns make a nice statement but should have a rhyme and reason.  Over a sofa, chair or desk, keep art close enough to the item to retain good visual contact. The picture will not look good if it seems to float above the furnishings.


You get the picture, then you get the women! Capesh?





2 thoughts on “Make Way For The Bad Boy….

  1. “You get the picture, then you get the women! Capesh?” – HAHA

    How about someone who doesn’t have anything on his walls, and just likes to keep it clean and simple? I’m not one for props or showcasing any photos/posters/art. Besides, they take time to put up and take down.


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