Game On!

Be a Sport


He spits a lot of game. On punt return, he scores a touch down from the bar to his home.  Everything boils down to sports. His home is like a locker room.

Ian from Greenwich describes his place, “there’s bikes, skis, golf clubs, motorcycles, quads, camping gear, softball equipment, beer drinking accessories and surf boards scattered throughout the apt and garage.”


She may act like a good sport, come morning when she wakes up to sports center and evaluates your place.  The equipment is one things but ticket stubs, jerseys, banners blow up the wall. There’s not question a Michigan Wolverine or Giants football fan. 


I know a little something about sports, cowboy. This isn’t my first rodeo. So hold onto your seat this will probably take more than eight-seconds to explain.


The locker-room look has the same effect as when it’s the door in her gym. Do not enter for woman is written all over the space. In a match up against sports-nut, a girl knows she can not compete.


The only way to even the playing field is to reduce your fanaticism by having a couple key players sit the home-game out. Find room to store your equipment, like a closet or a garage. Pick up the team jersey from the floor and put it in a dresser, rather than decorative statement hanging by nails on the wall.


Game on guy, to land a lady, you’ve got to be a sport!



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