The Electric Company

Mantronics & CompanyThe Electric Company

It is sweet revenge for closet nerds and those who proudly earned the title in high school, college and the work place.   The gadget geek is surrounded by high-speed internet, a high definition wide screen television that needless to say has a home audio component that spins its way through a web of co-axel cables connecting the ipod, blackberry, and gaming machine.

John from Boston is one of those guys, “You know a bachelor is serious about relaxing when he invests in the universal remote control.  One touch fly-by-wire couch surfing.”

From the camera rigged to the door-knocker for security purposes, a flashing icon on the laptop can alert that a girl is coming from a mile away. This guy should surface clean the joint but instead he procrasterbates. Jason from Darien explains this as looking at internet porn and not making up your mind.


With all these mantronics, the temperature at the bachelor pad is way over one-hundred degrees. It is like the engine room in a submarine. Hot and bothered perhaps, he doesn’t e even notice she forcefully let herself in. Submerged, we will call it in the x-rated or a pg-13 match, jdate or eharmony.

An eye on the laptop and the other on the TV, he uploads biographical information. On the one hand, he’s witty, confident, fun loving and desperate for a first date. On the other hand, he’s down to earth, romantic and the outdoorsy kind who nature walks. Or last but not least is the one he ponders deeply then deletes. He’s open, honest and loyal, and looking for a true soul mate.



Since he’s blinded by everything but love, he doesn’t realize she’s standing over his shoulder and down at the laptop by now. This relationship for her has hit information overload.



Take yourself back to the pre-techie 1970s when the Electronic Company in your living room was childish educational t.v. Hopefully you are still impressionable for one last lesson less maybe more when it come to electronics and inviting a girl to your house!  


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