It’s Raining Men!

Clean Up Your Act!It’s raining men!


When it rains it pours they say; and never as much as when it comes to bad bachelor habits and the bathroom. Scrub-a–dub-dub singleton, it is time to clean up the act.


The ring in the tub for is not a silver lining on a black storm cloud. It is built up scum that should be immediately addressed. Furthermore, the shower since leaving college should not require footwear. Having lived in a ten man house in college, as one girl in nine, I learned all too well why most often the guys showered with shoes.


Don’t worry not every girl knows about the squeaky clean moment in the shower where you clean everything including the pipes. Still she has that intrinsic feeling that something about what a bachelor does in the bathroom downright stinks.


Say Amy of Seattle, “I feel like bachelor pads always have a weird stinky mildew smell in the bathroom. They just re-use towels over and over and never wash them.”


John from Boston agrees, “I’ll also confirm that if an item is not in the same room as the laundry bin, it doesn’t get laundered, read: dish towels as well as the above mentioned bath towels.” 


There is perhaps a way to keep your dirty little secret by updating your bath. Hydrotherapy showers bring the spa experience into the home.  Consider a walk-in with multiple showerheads, lined in rich materials like stone or teak.


Bathroom remodels are a giant leap indeed. It takes baby steps to get there that start with clean towels on the rack.  This could avoid a towel snap that creates a sting.













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