She’s Sizing You Up!

Size Matters!She’s Sizing You Up!

Size matters! A UCLA study by doctors David Frederick and Letitia Anne Peplau in 2006 found the following, “Whereas 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size, only 55% of men were satisfied with their penis size, 45% wanted to be larger.” Statistically speaking that means one in every two men wishes for the same enhancement awarded a girl who fully developed into a training bra.


Oh, if only it were as easy as plastic surgery and a new size cup! Instead Mr. Napoleon has to go out to battle every day.  In time he gathers weapons, a fast car, electronics and huge oversized furnishings. The living room is massive overstuffed sofa and television that is three seats wide.


“The entertainment system is Mecca and will be setup first and remain the only thing in the apartment that works consistently,” say that Robbie from California. “There will be numerous remote controls; their exact coordination and use are secret riddles only He shall know.”


Unless you really are the jolly green giant, there is no need for your apartment to look like you shopped and selectively purchased triple XL. I call it Little Cheney Syndrome drawn from similarities to the country’s 46th Vice President. The condition is an affiliation taunting the undersized man who tries to compensate for smallness by physically asserting material magnitude.


Come on guy, if the majority of girls surveyed don’t mind aren’t you bigger than that?








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