Pillow Talk

Perfect PillowsPillow Talk

Sweet Dreams!  There’s nothing more inviting than a sleep over in a bed that a guy generally sleeps in alone. He has one favorite pillow and a piece of his baby blanket tucked underneath. The pillows on the other side of the bed are most likely all foam.


It may be something he scooped up from the fraternity house or the blue light special pillow available at KMART that day. The pillow shams for both are a mix and match. One is an old flannel plaid of some kind, while the other is stiff new polyester blend.  He is fast asleep and snoring. The lucky lady lies away. She starts flipping the pillow over and over in search of the soft side. The loose dried up foam inside the case shakes loose by now. Imagining that pillow bare boned and drool stain, you let gently slip to the ground.


Now she’s got your head on the mattress or trying to snuggle with your arm. It tingles from the pressure and you shake her from slumber minutes after she finally fell asleep.


The end of this bed time story is that she never sleeps over again!


Don’t loose sleep. This can be easily reversed. There are endless combinations of pillows to choose from to set up your bed. The selection ranges in consistency, but the ones you actually sleep on should be a down & feather blend.  To keep it simple for a California King or a King think three-two-two-one. Two standard sleeping pillows (20”x 27”) should act as the base. In front of those pillows, place three Euro-shams (26″ x 26″). In front of the Euros set up your second standard shams. The lone pillow in the center can be a bolster or small square (18″ x 18″).


A similar set up also works on a Queen or Full size bed. Here the standard sleeping pillows are beneath a two Euro shams (26” x 26”) In front of the Euros you can take two directions, two small squares (18” x 18”) or a circular bolster.


Every so often, you should wash your pillows and its “case” so that she to can rest her case!



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