Buying Time

Buying Time


“When I meet Dave my husband he was paying $1800 a month!” recalls my friend Amy, referring to her bachelor’s studio basement apartment in a luxury high rise. Compare that with their first apartment together, “two bedrooms, on the water and only $1500 a month.”

Not to trump, Trump but living with the Don can give off the idea that you’re either stupid in finances or stand for all the wrong material things.   

It’s one thing to live in a luxury apartment but we don’t want striped nake like a closet Skelton.


We ladies want to see meat, a fully furnished apartment with places to sit, mattresses off the floor and food in the fridge. If it breaks the bank to furnish the place, it is time to cash in your mortgage or lease.


Guys will tell me that they don’t think of what they are paying or what it looks like, as long as it is near the right amenities and generally close to a gym.  


Exercise some smarts my man and chose wisely between the basement Ritz and an affordable modern condominium! If you live in a expensive apartment with out the furniture to match, it is not only empty, but makes you look empty inside!


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