Sink Or Swim!

Sinks the Single 

Sink Or Swim

I have a sinking suspicion that single guys don’t fully grasp the purpose of the kitchen sink. I’m tossing the kids gloves and go at this with yellow dish kind.


Dirty sinks say more about your character than you may care to believe. A dirty sink harbors germs, attracts cockroaches, entices rats and the list goes on. The top of the pecking order here I dare not explore but to say you won’t trick anyone into thinking the plague carrying rodent is Nicodemus from the Rats of Nimh.


When it smells more like an incinerator in your kitchen then it does down the garbage chute, it is time to tackle the dishes.  To save time simply trash your Domino’s Pizza, Pappa John’s or Pizza Hut plastic cups down the hatch. They will never become a collector’s item on ebay nor find their ways to the great auction hall at Sotheby’s. They look cheap, retain juice stains and loose their gleeful logos over time.


The collection stems from the many nights you chose to carry out. Pizza Hut does offer a penny pizza deal, but counting nickels and dimes for dinner is not going to attract any girls.  Which, incidentally is reason enough I imagine you justify eating the whole pie.

Guys like to say me it is better that way because they can eat over the sink, “It saves energy, by having no dishes to wash.” A friend Jason takes it one step further, ““Eating over the sink is vital, especially when you are eating some thing messy like pizza dipped in ranch dressing!!!”


Here’s the dish. A dirty sink says you’ll need someone to pick up after you. Recycled pizza cups are not the single guy’s answer to going green rather an indication that you’ve never been introduced to the country’s authority on etiquette, Emily Post.


Clean up your sink to make a good impression. Next time you’re out shopping pick up a combination of glassware: tumblers, wine and high drinking glass.  It’s your chance to impress the ladies…sink or swim!







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