Rev Me Up!


Rev Me Up


Tata Motors introduced the cheapest car in the world overseas.  Aside from the comical name of the manufacturer, there is no joking about the Nano’s price.  The 10-foot long bare bones roadster is just under two-thousand dollars.


There’s little chance you’ll find our Hot Blood America Bachelor in this so-called “people’s car” any time soon. Our man drives a dual-cab truck or a sports car shifting in conversation between street smarts, aftermarket products and speed.


Here’s the fast and furious on this one. You are not your car. A BMW does not mean you are highly educated, high earning or have undiscerning taste.  This is especially true if title belongs to a late-year low-end model, 325i. The differences between Lamborghini, Mazaratti, Ducati may have a woman puzzled at times but rest assured she can calculate the difference between X5 and X3.

On the other side of this equation is the guy who really does have the fabulous luxury car. Formula-one for success here is not dropping its blue book stats.  Before picking me up, a bachelor went to great lengths to describe his Benz dotting every “I” and crossing every “t”.  It was a MLK something to the power of 3? A highly successful New Yorker, I felt like telling him the car didn’t do much to impress me. Given his personality and everything I already knew. It was already pretty obvious he wouldn’t roll up in a Rave 3.


One more point on the subject of math. Bachelors maintain a balance between car and home.  There’s no bigger mechanical break down then driving a fancy car and pulling up to shack. On the ladies gauge of date-ability…you just ran out of gas!




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