Chef, I Can Tell

Swear to Cook!

Chef, I Can Tell

Once upon time in a television era, long, long ago lived a Chef called Tell. Chef Tell Erhardt revolutionized the way Americans thought of cooking in the 1970s as he went Dialing for Dollars in his kitchen to your home.


His fame paved the way for Bobby Flay to take on the grill, Anthony Bourdain to dish Kitchen Confidential and Tom Colicchio to declare season after season a new Top Chef. Single guys may not see this as a “Craft,” but please be assured there is nothing more universal then food warming the heart.


In theory a refrigerator should contain nutritional contents from five of the six categories listed on the USDA food pyramid.


Nick tells me his fridge is basically empty, save, “some OJ, water, Gatorade and a few cans of cheap beer, such as Budweiser, etc (the good stuff gets consumed, but the bad stuff will linger).”


Garry chimes in, have healthy eating cook books in the kitchen and make it a priority to stock good food. It must be, however, on the brink of going bad. It reflects sophistication. The rot signals to ladies that food would stay fresh if only he was cooking for two.  


“A single man doesn’t need a kitchen” says a sun loving Miami transplant named Joe. “You just need a grill and some sharp ass knives.”


Back in the kitchen, a recipe for success. Break away from dinners that take less than four-minutes to make. Frozen dinners and Chef Boyardee in can fall on that list.


Cooking can in fact lead to great things. The newly discovered wasabi-horseradish for one bachelor seems delicious enough to promote. It’s “an up and coming condiment for bachelors everywhere,” Jason in Darien adds.


Think of it this way, cook a great meal, set a table and you will get dessert.









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