The Silver Fox & The Female

Cougar on CallThe Silver Fox & The Female

Caught you cougar! She’s over forty, divorced with a hefty alimony and trolling for love outside the sprawling hills home of a successful young bachelor du jour. Armed with her menopause patch, botox in a bottle and a fake tan that barely conceals her smile line, she zeros in on her prey.  A mirror image of Zac Ephron makes her squeal like the tweenies who worship the leading hunk from high school musical.


Kiki Cougar is only alive and well because the silver fox she married left her six months ago. Ten years her senior, he’s now over 50 making small talk to the bartenders sipping cocktails at a 30-somethings bar. Aggressive, from years on Wall Street, his spends his night hedging bets. If he picks up the underage drinker before she’s carded, the drinks the man decided are on the bar.


If you can picture this guy at boozing and bustling the ladies, you can also picture how he lives.  According to an experienced decorating colleague, she sets up everything from furnishings to food.  The silver fox has money to burn, knowing full well that is part of his appeal.

“He’s got 600-count sheets. Cashmere throws, of course the pool table, the selectively stocked wine cellar and an ever important manual fireplace,” says Kathleen Wasson, the successful owner of an interior decorating business with her own sake.


There’s an old saying you get what you pay for. In this case it is who pays for you. Silver foxes hunt hard and won’t hesitate to drag you back to their decked out den.  Buyer beware, the next night the animal is out bar hungry with an insatiable appetite that is never full.










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