Failure to Launch…


Failure to Launch


For all the birds who take flight, there are a few fledglings pushed out of the nest.  The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife warn that if you come across these little winged warriors you should attempt to return them to their mommies.


Back to sender seems like a good idea, but impractical when it comes to a momma’s boy forced into flight. First sign you’ve landed at his pad is the “mommie and me” pictures in plain view sight. He may not have framed the holiday picture showcasing the duo in matching sweat vests on the nightstand, but he agrees to find it a home.


Any or all furnishing inside his pad is mom once removed. She’s tossed everything she collected since his birth in this space. Taffeta plaid mixes with floral in the 1980s style living room. It’s a wonder the plastic furniture covers didn’t survive the move.


In a space only a mother could love since she decorated, you find yourself weighing the pros and cons. In one vein this space could be an empty canvass for a Mr. Single in search of mini-mom to come in and re-Picasso this place. On the other hand a future decorating diva maybe no match to a possessive mother and her complacent son.


Mr. Bluebird, time to take your mom off your shoulder. Start with a ditching some of the hand-me-downs. Oh and in this equation, resist the temptation to ask, “Mommie, may I?”



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